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Beautynet - checklist

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Beautynet - checklist
Checklist for ad material supplied in digital format
for Salon Magazine and Salon Beauté.
Note: Normally, only ads which are smaller than a full page (for example, a 1/3 page vertical, etc.) are accepted in digital format.
Otherwise, ads should be supplied at final film with color key. Please note that extra charges will be billed for output of ads full
page size and larger for film, color keys, couriers and any fixes to digital files required. Files must be supplied in QuarkXPress format.
Please check this list and supply it with your digital file to:
Salon Communications Inc, 411 Richmond St. E., Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario M5A 3S5 (416) 869-3131.
Your name:_______________________ Ad name and issue:__________________________________
Size of ad:
Images are:
t Converted to CMYK as EPS or TIFF format
t Have a DPI of 266
t Are color corrected and do not require any retouching or manipulation
t Are compatible with Macintosh layout applications and film output devices
t Logos/graphic elements are saved as "outlines" and do not require fonts
File(s) are:
t In Macintosh QuarkXPress version ________
t All images and logos
t All fonts (including system fonts)
t Checked to conform with ad dimensions
t Accompanied with a B&W or color laser proof at ______%
t Accompanied with a window print showing all files on disk
Files are contained on following media:
t Zip disk
t Jaz disk
t 44 meg Syquest disk
t Standard size CD
t Floppy disk
t Sent via e-mail to:__________________________
t Sent via Apple Remote Access to:______________
Please note that files which require additional work will be subject to additional charges. Files send on media other than those
noted above will be charged for file transfer (approx. $30). We cannot accept any IBM format files, images or disks. A library of all
ad sizes is available for QuarkXPress on our web site at
Copyright 1998 Salon Communications Inc. Reproduction prohibited.
t DPS (bleed) - 17.75 (w) x 11.375 (h)
DPS (trim) - 17.25 (w) x 10.875 (h)
DPS (live) - 16.25 (w) x 9.875 (h)
t Full Pg. (bleed) - 9.125 (w) x 11.375 (h)
Full Pg. (trim) - 8.625 (w) x 10.875 (h)
Full Pg. (live) - 7.625 (w) x 9.875 (h)
t 2/3 vertical - 5 (w) x 9.875 (h)
t 1/2 horizontal - 7.625 (w) x 4.75 (h)
t 1/2 vertical - 3.625 (w) x 9.875 (h)
t 1/3 vertical - 2.375 (w) x 9.875 (h)
t 1/4 vertical - 3.625 (w) x 4.75 (h)
t Bleed partial _______ (w) x ________ (h)
t Classified (_____ inches x _______ inches)
BeautyNet banner -361 pixels x 55 pixels - max size 16k

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