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Fortunato Construction Group Online - fnlv 5n 2
Message From The President
( continued . . . )
Vol. 5 No. 2 FALL '01
ield Report
Newsletter of
s 99 Old Brickyard Lane
s P.O. Box 7294
s Kensington, CT 06037-7294
It seems a worthwhile topic to discuss
the role of "trust" and its potential for
positive effect on our work and in our
lives. This past summer, Fortunato
Construction Group signed a design
build agreement with a new client.
Initially, we developed a preliminary
budget and project schedule based upon an outline of the client's
needs. During the next several months, the preliminary design work
was undertaken and, through a series of steps, this evolved into final
design plans. Our preliminary budget estimate remained intact and
became a fixed price for the project. This preliminary phase took
several months and, in the process, helped to establish a mutual
trusting relationship. It was at this point that our client said, "We
should have just signed the whole contract from the day we met you
and saved 2-3 months on the project schedule."
What happened, in fact, was that the development of the project corresponded to the development of a sound working relationship based
upon trust. This could not have happened on the day we first met. You might say we needed to go out on a few dates before we got married
to the project!
It occurred to me that business -- and life in general -- would be much easier if we all just trusted each other more. I gave thought as to
why it is so difficult to develop trust and why it can be so fragile.
Paraphrased from Webster's dictionary, "Trust is the willingness to rely on another without fear or misgiving."
Trust is founded on a paradox. Before we are trusted, we must trust others. This requires that you are courageous enough and prepared to
Message From
The President
The Field Report is designed and produced for the Fortunato Construction Group by
Anagnostis Associates, Inc. marketing consultants & graphists
, Amston, CT ©2001
Vincent J. Fortunato, P.E., President
s e-mail: s web site:
( continued . . . )
take risks. I believe these risks are well worth taking. Demonstrating trust will elicit reciprocating trust. From there, trust can be
strengthened by frequent communications, and demonstrating predictability by fulfilling promises. The benefits are well worth it. In a
trustful environment, people help others solve their problems as they arise, they share useful information, exercise appropriate restraint,
and work toward common goals. These are positive behaviors that lead to positive results.
Trust between two parties typically develops as they interact with each other on a personal level, eventually satisfying themselves as to
the predictability of the other party's behavior. Predictability becomes a cornerstone of trust. Trust is further strengthened by being honest,
and by admitting to mistakes when they occur.
Trust is valuable but a fragile component of any relationship. To protect it, we must distinguish between lies and disagreements about the
facts. We must communicate clearly, candidly and effectively. We must be worthy of the same trust that we need to place in others. Implicit
in the concept is that risk must be present.
My personal life has been enriched by many trusting relationships. Fortunato Construction Group's "corporate culture" has been founded
on trust. This sharing of trust has repeatedly inspired cooperative behavior and lead us to better relationships, better results, and a better
quality of life for all of us.

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