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Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging - 2005annual index (Page 1)

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Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers and Imaging - 2005annual index
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Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers & Imaging
Acar S. See Cosar CB.
Achtaropoulos AK, Mitsos AP, Detorakis ET, Georgakoulias NV, Drakonaki
EE, Kozobolis VP. Late Isolated Brain Metastasis Following Enucleation
for Choroidal Melanoma. 36(2):151-154.
Afshari NA. See Tanhehco TY.
Agarwal A. See Gupta V.
Agarwal HC, Anuradha VK, Titiyal JS, Gupta V. Effect of Intraoperative
Intracameral 2% Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Viscoelastic During
Trabeculectomy. 36(4):280-285.
Agarwal S. See Chalam KV.
Ahmadieh H. See Soheilian M.
Al-Attar L. See Scott IU.
Alegente M. See Caporossi A.
Alimisi S. See Emfi etzoglou I.
Allemann N. See Torres VLL.
Aloni E. See Nelson DA.
Alotaiby H. See Sullu Y.
Anisian A. See Soheilian M.
Alımgıl ML. See Gürlü VP.
Anuradha VK. See Agarwal HC.
Aragon AV. See Scott IU.
Arroyo JG, Bula DV, Yang L, Chen DF. Retinal Biopsy Techniques for the
Removal of Retinal Tissue Fragments. 36(1):76-78.
Assia EI. See Nesher R.
Aydin A. See Ersanli D.
Azarmina M. See Soheilian M.
Bagga H. See Greenfi eld DS.
Bahar I. See Goldenberg-Cohen N.
Bakri SJ. See Moshfeghi DM.
Balestrazzi A. See Caporossi A.
Bartz-Schmidt KU. See Schneider U.
Beden U. See Güngor IU.
Beden U. See Sullu Y.
Beer PM. See Moshfeghi DM.
Bélair M-L, Fansi AK, Descovich D, Leblanc A-R, Harasymowycz P. The
Effect of Compression on Clinical Diagnosis of Glaucoma Based on
Non-Analyzed Confocal Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy Images.
Belkin M. See Nelson DA.
Bellucci R, Morselli S. Reverse Flap Dissection for Glaucoma Surgery.
Belmont J. See Moshfeghi DM.
Ben-Simon GJ. See Spierer A.
Bhatia LS. See Chen TC.
Blinder KJ, Shah GK, Thomas MA, Holekamp NM, Joseph DP, Grand
MG, Sharma S. Surgical Removal of Peripapillary Choroidal Neo-
vascularization Associated With Age-Related Macular Degeneration.
Boscia F. See Furino C.
Brunzini M. See Geria RC.
Brunzini R. See Geria RC.
Bula DV. See Arroyo JG.
Caporossi A, Balestrazzi A, Alegente M, Casprini F, Caporossi T. Trypan
Blue Staining of the Anterior Capsule: The One-Drop Technique.
Caporossi T. See Caporossi A.
Cardascia N. See Furino C.
Cardillo JA. See Jorge R.
Carey JD. See Schiffman RM.
Casprini F. See Caporossi A.
Celik L, Yücesoy M, Saatci AO, Kaynak S. Microbial Growth in Various
Perfl uorocarbon Liquids. 36(3):254-257.
Cespedes MC. See Saad DN.
Ceyhan N. See Cosar CB.
Chalam KV, Gupta SK, Agarwal S, Shah VA. Sutureless Limited Vitrectomy
for Positive Vitreous Pressure in Cataract Surgery. 36(6):518-522.
Chalam KV. See Shah VA.
Chang Y-H, Yeom H-Y, Han S-H. Anterior Transposition of the Inferior
Oblique Muscle for a Snapped Inferior Rectus Muscle Following Func-
tional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. 36(5):419-421.
Chaudhry NA, Lavaque AJ, Scott IU, Flynn HW Jr, Liggett PE. A Clus-
ter of Patients With Acute-Onset Endophthalmitis Following Cataract
Surgery. 36(3):205-210.
Chaudhry NA, Lavaque AJ, Shah A, Liggett PE. Photodynamic Therapy for
Choroidal Neovascular Membrane Secondary to Optic Nerve Drusen.
Chaudhry NA. See Liggett PE.
Chaudhuri Z. See Kumar S.
Chauhan D. See Kumar S.
Chen DF. See Arroyo JG.
Chen TC, Bhatia LS, Walton DS. Complications of Pediatric Lensectomy
in 193 Eyes. 36(1):6-13.
Chen T-L. See Wu W-C.
Chen W-L. See Lin JY-S.
Chen Y-J, Wu P-C. Automated Irrigation/Aspiration Before Phaco-
emulsifi cation in Eyes With White Cataracts. 36(2):118-121.
Chen Y-S. See Lin JY-S.
Chiavetta SV III. See Tanhehco TY.
Choung H-K, Han SK, Khwarg SI. Retroscleral Implantation Technique for
Porous Polyethylene Orbital Implant After Evisceration. 36(5):436-440.

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