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AstroSoft Development - busapp project list
Examples of Projects
Astrosoft Group · 10 Litovskaya street, 194100, St-Petersburg, Russia · Phone/Fax +7-812-3247707
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Business Application Development and Maintenance
Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Management System was developed to manage a highly automated store. It includes electronic
document flow, control of physical movement of the goods in the store with the use of barcodes, ordering,
delivery, shipping of the goods and other features to fulfill needs of companies in warehousing and
transportation industry. Astrosoft was responsible for design and development of software as well as
customization of solution for specific customer needs.
Helicopter Navigation System
This solution was developed for a company, which uses helicopters for different kinds of dispersion works, e.g.
forest fertilizing or lakes liming. The navigation system is a real-time software that helps the pilot during aerial
works and implements various functions, e.g. optimal track calculation and plotting, track guidance, logging,
and dispersion system automatic control. Due to high dynamics of aerial works this system is essential for aerial
dispersion necessary precision, accident risk decrease and dispersion quality thorough control.
Electronic Document Archiving System
The Archiving System allows replacing the traditional file/paper system in long-term storing of the documents
and providing convenient and fast way to search for and to retrieve documents stored in the archive. The
system stores different documents and reports produced by accounting and financial applications or those
fetched by operators. It is designed as add-on that makes possible integration it with a number of applications
and thereby enables the central access point to enterprise-wide document archive.
Universal Electronic Invoice Management Solution
The solution generalizes number of legacy payment management programs. It provides common framework for
implementing country-specific payment management software. The project was developed on Microsoft .Net
platform, it uses SQL Server 2000. Framework provides base classes and functionality for developers and
closely integrated with existing customer software, thus forming consistent environment and greatly reducing
time and cost of developing, deployment and maintenance of software.
Working Time Attendance and Access Control System
Software solution allowing interactions with hardware equipment controlling physical objects like doors,
elevators, e. t. c. according to scenarios of different complexity. Single and multi-server software architecture
provides data replication for increasing system robustness to network and computer failures. Altogether with
access control module the system registers employees actions and provides customizable (depending on
particular company needs) working time accounting. The system includes enhanced user-friendly interface
utilizing concept of Gantt chart for work load planning.
Web Based Document Oriented Workflow Application
The workflow solution was developed for company which manages grants' allocation for the different areas e.g.
culture, civil servants exchange etc. Web based solution automates full cycle of grant processing from the
application registration to the grant closing. It includes the electronic document flow for each stage, control of
business workflow and completeness of information, financial information management. Financial management
provides functionality to deal with planned, requested, stated and paid sums as well as XML data exchange
services for integration with accountant software that is used by customer. Broad range of automated functions
provide easy access for documents' templates generation and verifications during each step of application
processing including automated documents parsing and generation, workflow's status controlling and
notifications. Solution was designed and developed from scratch according current customer's business
Maintenance of Corporate Financial Management Solution
Astrosoft provides services for complete maintenance of existing financial solution including new features
implementation and any bug-fixes. Main issue was to provide high-quality support for current version according
customers bug reports as well as fast response to the changes in the financials laws. Maintenance was started
from investigation of current software that was already developed and used by many customers and then
Astrosoft takes full responsibility for architectural and other issues. More then one year successful cooperation
is approved by satisfied customers across of many Nordic countries.

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