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AstroSoft Development - busapp project list
Examples of Projects
Astrosoft Group · 10 Litovskaya street, 194100, St-Petersburg, Russia · Phone/Fax +7-812-3247707
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Software Component and Modules Development
.NET Web Components
Astrosoft has developed a set of web controls for the Microsoft .NET environment. Developed controls were
equipped with extended functionality according to requirements for usage in various web based applications.
Data Formats Converter
There are 3 utilities/components serving as gateways for import and export data into/from customer software
suite. They transform data between ASCII, XML and EDIFACT formats. User uses graphical interface to create
transformation rules by mapping source and target formats. Program supports industry standards - XSD schema
2001 for describing source/target XML and EDIFACT d96a for EDI files.
Net Asset Value Calculator for Stock Portfolio Management Software Solution
The main purpose of the software is to calculate net asset value and performance fee as automated process
with a manual control option. The system architecture is based on a multi-tier model and targeted at smooth
integration with other modules of stock portfolio management system. The software was implemented using
objects from the customer's system, Microsoft Visual Studio .Net and Microsoft SQL Server as data storage.
Framemaker Automatic Publishing Engine
Framemaker Automatic Publishing Engine provides automatic creation of the Adobe FrameMaker publication
book. This is a generic component that allows easy creating directories or catalogues out of the database tables
and a template set. There is no need to worry about Adobe FrameMaker native layout tags: data entered using
standard HTML markup that can be easily translated into FrameMaker markup with the engine.
WebDAV Connector
WebDAV Connector is a set of server-side components that provide WebDAV-based interface to consume
information from or publish it to a Content Management System. The software is designed to be class 2
WebDAV compliant according to WebDAV standard. The Connector handles the WebDAV request at the server
side, parses HTTP headers and XML body of the request, executes the request through Content Management
System data access components, and generates WebDAV response to a client. Software is a component suite
for Windows platform including an ISAPI filter for Microsoft IIS and COM-based business components.
Migration and Integration Projects
Integration of Corporate Archiving System and MBS Axapta
Astrosoft have completed feasibility research and implemented solution for integration of customer's electronic
document archiving system and MBS Axapta. Appearance of integration solution allows customer to provide
better product for existing users as well as attract new ones.
Migration of Estimating and Drawing Software
Business processes automation devoted to buildings floor design and planning. The whole process from
parameters' complex calculations through the whole sophisticated business logic has been brought to graphical
interpretation and visualization followed by order printing to be delivered to the end customer. The system has
access level control implemented to differentiate users with different rights.
Secure Financial Application for POS terminals
Based on existing software Astrosoft have developed new POS terminal application, what allows getting
payments via cashier's check. The existing application using by customer doesn't satisfied modern more
complex business requirements. Another issue was to develop the application to run under new 32-bit
multitasking OS Unicapt32 because existing software can't be executed on most new models of POS terminals.
Integration of Corporate Web Portal and SAP R/3
The large enterprise with distributed geographical structure has implemented SAP R/3 system and corporate
web portal based on Microsoft Content Management Server to automate various business processes in different
units. Astrosoft was contracted to design and create cost-effective solution for transfer data and reports
between these corporate information systems keeping in mind data integrity and security requirements. The
system was developed and implemented in different business units. Usage of system showed that solution fully
suits customer's need and expectation.

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