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Suzuki - 2002 oil chemicals
Fuel Conditioner & Water Remover
Keeps stored fuel fresh for long periods of time.
12 fl. oz.
Foam Air Filter Oil
Keep your filters in top-notch condition with Suzuki Performance
Foam Air Filter Oil. This premium quality oil works on all foam
element filters to help stop dirt, sand and dust from entering your
16 oz.
Coolant 50/50 Premix
This specially blended "pre-mixed" formula contains corrosion
inhibitors, which provide outstanding aluminum protection. Blended to
protect water pump and seals, this Performance coolant resists
foaming at high rpm's.
32 oz.
Fuel Injection Cleaner
Keeps injector clean and corrosion free for maximum power. Dissolves
gum and varnish.
12 fl. oz.
Brake Fluid DOT 3 & 4
Genuine Suzuki Brake Fluid is designed to conform to Motor Vehicle
Standard No. 116 and is approved for all ABS systems. Formulated
with a minimum dry boiling point of 450 degrees F. This Suzuki brake
fluid is for all drum and disk brakes where DOT 3 or 4 is specified.
8 oz.
Suzuki Premium Chainlube
Suzuki Premium Chainlube is blended with the finest ingredients
available. This exclusive blend provides superior lubricant penetration
to critical roller stress points thereby reducing friction, horsepower
loss, chain stretch and sprocket wear. The anti-corrosion, anti-
oxidation agents preserve O-rings and prevent O-ring swelling.
7 oz. (198 g)
17 oz. (482 g)
Silicone Lubricant
Stops sticking and lubricates rubber.
11 oz.
Penetrating Lubricant Spray
Loosens rusted parts. Helps start wet engines and protects electrical
12 oz.
For ordering and availability information, see your Suzuki dealer. For the dealer nearest you, call 1-800-828-RIDE, or visit us at

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