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Crossroads Film Festival - xroads guide FINAL
Become A Member
Crossroads Film Society relies on its
membership and donations for a large part
of its organizational budget. The extent and
quality of its programming is directly related
to membership and donations.
Make it happen and join the Crossroads
Film Society!
· Discount for screenings of Festival films and special
events during the year
· Members-only film screenings and parties
· Newsletters and special notice of upcoming events
dual: $50
All regular membership benefits plus:
· 2 Membership cards
Film Buff: $100
All regular membership benefits plus:
· 1 Crossroads Film Festival poster
· 1 Crossroads Film Festival t-shirt
· Listing in Festival Program
· Invitation to all Festival receptions
Star: $250
All regular membership benefits plus:
· 1 Crossroads Film Festival poster
· 2 Crossroads Film Festival t-shirts
· Admission for 2 to opening night
· Listing in Festival Program
· Invitation to all Festival receptions
Director's Club: $500
All regular membership benefits plus:
· 2 Crossroads Film Festival posters
· 2 Crossroads Film Festival t-shirts
· 2 All-Access Festival Passes
· Listing in Festival Program
· Invitation to all Festival receptions
Producer's Club: $1,000
All regular membership benefits plus:
· 2 Crossroads Film Festival posters
· 4 Crossroads Film Festival t-shirts
· 4 All-Access Festival Passes
· Listing in Festival Program
· Invitation to all Festival receptions and exclusive
Online membership forms are at www.crossroadsfilm
film society
Crossroads Film Society is the sponsoring
organization of the Crossroads Film Festival.
We are a multi-cultural, nonprofit organization
dedicated to providing access to international,
national, and local film & video. We also
encourage discussion and production of film
& video, particularly as related to the cultural,
educational and economic vitality of the state and
region. Our society's objectives are met through
year-round programming, including special
events, lectures, workshops, and the annual
Crossroads Film Festival.
our mission
The mission of the Crossroads Film Society
is to celebrate the art of filmmaking in all of its
diversity and depth. The Crossroads Film Society
will present and promote a broader spectrum of
film and video for the community, will present
and honor films and videos related to Mississippi
and the South, and will provide educational
opportunities and facilitate general discussions
for film lovers and aspiring film makers.
Ginger Williams
is an illustrator and
painter currently
living in Jackson.
She enjoys traveling
with her art and is
fascinated where
the creative lifestyle
will carry her. Within
2006 and 2007
shes had two shows
in Washington DC, Brooklyn, NY, Chicago, and
LA. Aside from personal paintings, portrait
commissions, and freelance graphic design,
Ginger loves teaching art. Presently, she works
with the Mississippi Museum of Art and works
with children and teens.
Ginger williams
why film in mississippi?
The Mississippi Motion Picture Incentive
Program was designed to help all filmmakers.
Through legislation specifically including feature
film, television, documentary and commercial
production, the incentive is a simple and direct
rebate program offering 20% to 30% back depending
on a production's local spend. There is no minimum
spend to encourage short films and commercials.
The rebate is capped at $5 million per project (a
local spend amounting to about $17.6 million.)
In addition to the rebate, there are tax
exemptions and reductions on a list of production
items and production equipment.
For more information about the Mississippi
Incentive Program, call the Mississippi Film
Office at 601.359.3297, or visit us online at
Submit your feature film or short film for public
performance year-round!
Starting in 2007, we're asking filmmakers to
submit your feature film or short film and we will
consider it for screening to a paying audience during
the year either on its own or paired with another film.
In particular, we're looking for 1) short films less
than 10 minutes to play just before a feature film and
we're looking for 2) feature films available for
audience screening.
Go to for more
details and directions on how to submit your work!
upcoming crossroads events
Crossroads Film Society presents "Friday the 13th"
Pix/Capri Theater in Fondren, Jackson MS, Fri. April
13 at Midnight. Check
for changes. Experience a cult classic film in a classic
theater! Friday Night creeps into Saturday morning
while we gather and shiver with fear! Or laugh at the
nostalgia. Here's what they say: Many years after two
summer camp councilers are killed at Camp Crystal
Lake, the owner decides to reopen, which sparks a
series of grisly murders. Here's what we say: Bring your
friends and make it an event! Rated R.
Crossroads Film Society presents "Creature From the
Black Lagoon" Pix/Capri Theater in Fondren, Jackson
MS, Sat. April 14 Matinee. The whole family can
enjoy this ultra-realistic adventure horror from 1956.
Straight from the vaults and from the golden age of
creature features. You'll shake, you'll hide, you'll
laugh out loud! Fun for the whole family! Check for exact time.
"Gone With The Wind" is coming to New Stage
Theatre in April. Check
for updates on date and time.
Coming the end of April a new Crossroads Film series
featuring the top independent films. Check for dates and
Rob Cooper is a
native Jacksonian who
makes his living creating
works of art from glass.
After attending school
at the Maryland Institute
College of Art, Rob
moved back to Jackson in
1999. He has been creating works in stained
and fused glass at Pearl River Glass Studio ever
since. This is Robs second year to design and
create the Crossroads Film Festival awards.
They are constructed from multiple layers of
glass that are cast in a handmade mold and
are later sand carved for text. Robs work can
be viewed at the Attic Gallery in Vicksburg, MS
as well as the annual art shows at Pearl River
Glass Studio.
rob cooper

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