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Northern Nanotechnologies - MSDS Pb Cr O 4 rev 1 0 (Page 4)

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Northern Nanotechnologies - MSDS Pb Cr O 4 rev 1 0
ACGIH TLV 0.05 mg(Cr)/m

Protective equipment:

Wear appropriate gloves, protective clothing and eyewear and follow safe
laboratory practices. Emergency eye wash station and quick drench shower
should be provided in the immediate work area as per the ANSI Z358.1

Section 9 ­ Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical State: Liquid
Color: Yellow solution
Odor: Not known.
Boiling Point: 100 șC (~ 212 F)
Freezing Point: 0 șC (~ 32 F)
Vapour pressure: N/A
Specific gravity (water = 1): ~ 1.0
pH: ~ 7-8

Section 10 ­ Reactivity

Chemical stability: Stable if used according to specifications.
Conditions to avoid: None known.
Incompatible Materials: Oxidizers, active metals, hydrazine, sodium and
potassium. organics at elevated temperature. Reacts with aluminum
dinitronaphthalene, iron(III) hexacyanoferrate (IV).
Hazardous decomposition products: No hazardous decomposition products
have been identified.

Section 11 ­ Toxicological information:

No health effects have been determined for nanocrystalline forms of this material.
We recommend appropriate precautions be taken to limit exposure to this
material. The below toxicological information is for the equivalent bulk material.

Short Term Exposure: Irritates the respiratory tract. Lead chromate is a
carcinogen -- handle with extreme caution. Lead poisoning symptoms may
include poor appetite, colic, upset stomach, headache, irritability, muscle or joint
pains and weakness. Permanent kidney damage can result from long term or
high exposure. Breathing lead chromate can cause a hole in the inner nose.
Irritation of nose, throat or bronchial tubes can also occur, with cough and/or
Northern Nanotechnologies Inc., 700 Bay St., Suite 1100, Toronto, ON M5G 1Z6 Tel (416) 260-8889 Fax (416) 260-8839

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