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Northern Nanotechnologies - MSDS Cd Te rev 1.2 Eng (Page 5)

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Northern Nanotechnologies - MSDS Cd Te rev 1.2 Eng
may occur within 15 ­ 30 minutes after ingestion. May cause heart and lung

Long Term Exposure: Continued exposure to low levels of cadmium in air may
cause irreversible lung injury, abnormal lung function and kidney disease. Other
consequences of cadmium exposures are inflammation of the nose and throat,
open sores in the nose, soreness, bleeding and reduced nose size, loss of sense
of smell, damage to the olfactory nerve, yellow cadmium stains on teeth,
sleeplessness, nausea, lack of appetite, weight loss, anemia, lung distention with
scar formation, and liver damage. May cause bone disease characterized by
softening, bending and reduction in bone size. Difficulty walking, pain in back and
extremities, and spontaneous fractures may result. Inhalation of 0.06 mg/m3 ­
0.68 mg/m3 for 4 ­ 8 years may cause throat irritation, cough, chest pain, upset
stomach and fatigue. Exposure to levels of 3.0 ­ 15.0 mg/m3 of fumes or dust
over a period of 20 years has caused lung distention, anemia, protein in urine
and kidney dysfunction. Studies indicate that there is an increased incidence of
prostatic cancer and possible kidney and respiratory cancer in cadmium workers.
Cadmium causes birth defects in rats, mice and hamsters; whether it does so in
humans is not known.

Points of Attack: Respiratory system, lungs, kidneys, prostate, blood.

Tellurium compounds:

Short Term Exposure: Irritates the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract. Higher
exposures can cause pulmonary edema, a medical emergency that can be
delayed for several hours. This can cause death. Causes central nervous system
depression. Moderate skin and eye irritant. Tellurium is capable of doing harm
within the body by replacing the essential element sulfur. Signs and symptoms of
acute exposure to tellurium may include headache, drowsiness, malaise, fatigue,
lassitude, weakness, and dizziness. Gastrointestinal symptoms may include
nausea, vomiting, anorexia, and constipation. A metallic taste, garlicky breath,
and profuse sweating may be noted. High levels of the dust or fume may cause
bronchitis or pneumonia to develop.

Long Term Exposure: Repeated exposure can cause garlic odor on the breath,
nausea, vomiting, anorexia, metallic taste, and irritability. Kidney damage, liver,
injury, and pulmonary effects may also occur. Dermal exposure may result in
dermatitis; red, inflamed skin; drying and cracking. At doses which are severely
toxic to the mother, tellurium produces teratogenic effects. May damage the
unborn fetus. High exposures may cause damage to the nervous system.

Points of Attack: Skin, central nervous system, kidneys, liver.
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