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Northern Nanotechnologies - MSDS Ag rev 1 0 (Page 1)

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Northern Nanotechnologies - MSDS Ag rev 1 0
Northern Nanotechnologies Inc.,
700 Bay St., Suite 1100, Toronto, ON M5G 1Z6 Tel (416) 260-8889 Fax

Material Safety Data Sheet
Revision Number: 1.0
Revision Date: May 3, 2007
Section 1 - Product and Company Information

Product Name: NNT Silver
Catalog Number: NNT Silver
Unit Size: 100 mL ­ 1 L
Manufacturer/Supplier: Northern Nanotechnologies Inc.
700 Bay St., #1100, Toronto, Canada
Phone: (416)
Technical Assistance:
Sales enquiries:

Section 2 ­ Composition, Information on Ingredients

Component A: Water

CAS 7732-18-5; 99%+ by weight

Component B: Silver (as nanocrystal compound)

CAS (Silver) 7440-22-4; < 0.1 % by weight

Component C: Polymer

CAS not disclosed; < 1 % by weight

Section 3 ­ Hazards Identification

Emergency Overview:

Colour: Deep orange
Physical form: Liquid
Major Health Hazards: Slightly toxic. Not a suspected carcinogen according to
Physical Hazards: None.

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