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Eddie Bauer - csrreport 2001
We are active participants in the
Fair Labor Association (FLA), a non-
profit organization and monitoring
system established to protect the rights
of workers worldwide. FLA accredits
independent monitors, certifies that
companies are in compliance with its
Code of Conduct, and serves as a source
of information for the public. Other
major brands, special interest groups,
and colleges/universities and their licensees also are members.
FLA enhancements to our program include more systematic
risk assessment, increased worker education and interviews,
expanded factory inspections, outreach to special interest groups
knowledgeable about local issues, use of external auditors, more
extensive collaboration with other brands, and public reporting
by FLA on our compliance program.
In many developing countries, child labor and lack of educa-
tion are problems in the workplace. To help respond to this,
Eddie Bauer has for several years helped
fund needy institutions in communities
where workers are making our product.
We are currently helping support an
orphanage in Guatemala and schools in
China, India and the Philippines.
Our relationships with non-
governmental organizations also
includes a partnership with Amnesty
International USA, to promote aware-
ness of human rights globally.
Lurma Rackley,
Eddie Bauer's Public Affairs
Director, greets entertainer
and human rights
activist Harry Belafonte
at Amnesty International's
annual Media Spotlight
Awards dinner.
Elizabeth Borrelli, Eddie Bauer's
Director, Global Labor Practices, and
James Miller of the Asia office, conduct
a workplace human rights audit at a
factory in Malaysia.
Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) serves as a resource
for its 1400 member and affiliated companies to help them
develop and implement innovative practices on a full range
of global corporate social responsibilty issues. In the six years
that Eddie Bauer has been a member, the company has been
fully engaged in training for EB staff and suppliers in Asia and
the Americas. Eddie Bauer also has been an active participant
in industry collaboration and benchmarking, and a partner
in working to improve conditions for factory workers around
the world.
Aron Cramer, Vice President of Business and Human Rights

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