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WDET Detroit - drisfocus
Mr. Clemente M. Garcia
Mrs. Susan E. Garcia
Ms. Roschelle L. Garner-Wilson
Mr. Morton Genser
Mr. H. G. Gersell
Ms. Moe E. Gilbert
Mr. Stephen P. Goodfellow
Ms. Judie Goodgall
Mr. & Mrs. Merrill Gordon
"We cannot hold a torch to
light another person's path
without brightening our own."
Ben Sweetland
Arthur & Sherry Goussy
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Granthen
DRIS turns 25 in August!
Ms. Cynthia Greenspan
Ms. Michele R. Griesmer
Ms. Sara Grosky
Ms. Carol E. Gross
J. Gryniewicz/S. Dobriansky
Mr. Robert Guenther
Ms. Rosalind Gwaltney
Mrs. Yvonne Hackett
Ms. Leslie Haight
Mrs. Dora H. Hansz
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Harris
Ms. Jeanette Harris
Ms. Louise Ida Hartung
Mrs. Rosemary K. Hartung
Ms. Kathleen Ann Hauk
Ms. Ann Heler
Petra Hellthaler
John H. & Verna L. Hengel
Mr. Otto Hess
Ms. Christina Hickmott
Mr. & Mrs. Harrison Hicok
Ms. Jeanette Hight
Ms. Heather F.M. Hill
Odette Hill
Mr. & Mrs. James Hoekwater
Ms. Mary Lou Holls
Ms. Janet G. Holtz
Mr. Norman Howard
Dr. & Mrs. Lew M. Hryhorczuk
Mrs. Bernice Huffman
Ms. Ruth Hughes
Mr. Donald Hurt
George & Sue Illingworth
Ms. Althea E. Jackson
Ms. Josephine James
Ms. Barbara P. Jarrells
Ms. Jeannette Jeannotte
Ms. Jeremy Ann Johnson
Mr. Ross L. Johnson
Mr. Theodore W. Johnson
Ms. Myrtle Jean Jones
Ms. Doris M. Jonske
D.V. & Keith Kabacinski
Mr. Glenn D. Kaiser
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Kaminski
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kaufman
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Kearns
Ms. Verona Keith
Ms. Virginia Kelly
Mr. J. Eugene Kerwin
Mr. Rodney D. Knudsen
Mr. Michael A. Kozlowski
Mr. & Mrs. Demetri Kraniak
C. Kristopaits
Ms. Frances Lamia
E. James & Marguerite F. Lane
Lanse Creuse Lions Club
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Larsh
Ms. Barbara Larson
Robert F. Larson, Ph.D.
Mr. John P. Lathers
Ms. Cindy Lawrence
Mrs. Doreen S. Lawrence
Ms. Mariruth Ledyard
Ms. Joyce Lehman
Mrs. Karen G. Leigh
Mr. Maynard A. Leigh
Mr. Frederick Leopold, III
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lepping
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome D. Lessins
Lincoln Park Lions Club
Ms. Margaret Lintvedt
Ms. Patricia L. Lippert
Ms. Janet B. Loveland
Ms. Shirley R. MacDonald
Ms. Janette Crockett Malachi
Mr. Frank M. Malfitano
Professor Arthur F. Marotti
Ms Michele S. Martin
Mr. Nick N. Matheodakis
Mr. Frank F. Mathiesen
Christian S. Matjias
Mr. Dirk Mayberger
Ms. Clarita Mays
Ms. Dolores L. Mazurek
Mrs. Hildred L. Mc Curties
Ms. M. Catherine McAdam
Ms. Ellen McCarthy
Mr. George C. McCausland
Mr. James H. McCree
Ms. Betty A. McMillian-Jones
Ms. Mary McNair
Ms. Amanda M. Mengden
T. P. Mentek
Mr. Scott Merryfield
Ms. Mary A. Meyers
Sidney S. Miller, M.D. &
Ms. Annetta T. Miller
Mr. Leo Miller
Mr. Raymond Miller
Robert & Patricia Miller
Ms. Stephanie R. Miller
Ms. Wendye Mingo
Ms. Barbara P. Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest D. Mobbs
Ms. Carolyn Modisett
Mr. David M. Moore
Ms. Irene V. Moore
Ms. Lydia V. Morales
Mrs. Marilyn Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Morrison
Mr. Henry Moy
Mrs. Irene E. Mulhauser
Mr. William J. Murphy, Jr.
Mrs. Kathleen Murtagh-Galea
Mr. James Musial
Mr. Morry D. Nathan
Mr. George H. Neirinck
Oakwood Common
Mr. Michael B. O'Leary
Mr. Bert W. Overstreet, Jr.
Mr. Kurt Owens
Mrs. Helen A. Paczala
John & Mary Paraventi
Mrs. Donna M Paruszkiewicz
Ms. Robin N. Peacher
Ms. Bettye R. Pearce
Mrs. Jean H. Pearson
Ms. Joy M. Pecherski
Ms. Monica M. Perchan
Ms. Vicki L. Perry-Davis
Phillip J. Lesky, P.L.L.C.
Professor Edith B. Phillips
Ms. Kathleen K. Pirtle
Mr. James Pluta
Ms. Michelle A. Polent
Ms. Barbara A. Porter

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