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The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History - 08618
Unknown Soldier to Parents
Burkesville, Virginia, 18 April 1865.
Letter, 4 pages.

Camped at
Dear Parents
I will now try and write A few lines to you to inform you that I am injoying good
Health at presant and I Hope these few lines will find you injoying the Same Good Blessing the
weather hear is very nice I Recd A letter from you this Morning wrighten the ..6 I was very glad
to hear from you by your letter it Seames that you feel Uneasy About me. that is of no use for it
does no good to feel in that way I have learnt Since I [2] have bin in Sirvice not to let my
mind be Troubled till Trouble Comes then it time Enough our Regt are all Camped at this Station
and I think we may Stay hear quite A while as I do not see any Sines of impoving. I Saw About
15 Battle Flags of Leee, Army presented to General Park Yesterday they looked quite nice but
not so nice as the flag of our Country does farther we have heard that Presideant Lincoln has bin
killed by some Traitor in Washington if that is true I Say that we ought to Hang every Dam
Rebel in The Sothern Confederacy I go in [3] for killing every one and Burn every Traitor up
North by a Stake I think anstead of taken Gen. Leee. Army Prisoners it would have bin better to
have hoisted A Black flag and Butchard Every One but now they have Paroled them and what
Are they doing they are watching an Opertunity to kill Some of our Best men. last Saturday the
devilish Rebs tryed to Blow the Arsenal up at City: Point but where Cought at it Before they
done it and Some that where paroled and on there way to Richmond tore up the rail: Road but
they where Caught and ought to [Hang] and I Say they [4] Ought to Hang every One I tell you it
is A very hard Blow for this Nation to lose our President at this presant time but I Still hope it is
not true but I fear it is, for there is so many traitors up North that are first the ones that would
Kill Him if it had not bin for the traitors of the North this war would have Ceased long: Ago but

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