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MHz Networks - Staff Training
Viewing & Discussion
D. (8 minutes, total)
Segment: 29:45 ­ 31:51 - Nhat with his father, then with chemistry teacher, getting extra help
(running time, approx. 2 min.)
Nhat is a very motivated student, trying to please his parents. Is it possible for someone like
Nhat to slip through the cracks? What needs does he have that don't seem to be getting met?
Are there ways the school can help Nhat and students like him to be more successful socially?
E. (8 minutes, total)
Segment: 46:55 ­ 48:46 - Jorge in mainstream health class; teacher asking questions and then
giving a quiz (running time, approx. 2 min.)
What are your initial reactions to this segment?
How can teachers accommodate ESOL students in mainstream classes?
What recourse does a student like Jorge have when he can't keep up with the pace of the rest
of the class?
What happens in your school when students like Jorge are not keeping up with the work?
F. (8 minutes, total)
Segment: 51:08 ­ 52:06 - Yasmine talking to the cross-country coach in the hall (running time,
approx. 1 min.)
How would you describe the interaction between Yasmine and the coach?
Do you think she felt satisfied with his response?
What else could the coach have said or done in response to Yasmine's announcement to quit
Action items (35 minutes)
Ask participants to identify 2 or 3 issues that they would like to address within their school or
ESOL program, based on information from this workshop. Write these on the board, putting
together similar issues. Have the group brainstorm about ways these issues can be handled,
with or without additional resources.
Final Q & A (5 minutes)
Staff Training

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