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MHz Networks - Social Studies
Service Learning
Service learning combines topics of classroom instruction with related community service
activities. Assign an independent study related to immigration and refugee issues. This could
be a study of U.S. immigration policy; a survey of community attitudes toward the immigrant
population; the role of the UN High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR), the International Red
Cross or other organizations that work with refugees; or another topic related to immigrants and
refugees. As part of that study, students should do community service with local agencies that
offer services to immigrants and refugees. Students then submit a written report of their
independent study, which incorporates their experiential learning.
For volunteer opportunities, students can contact the American Friends Service Committee, the
local chapter of the American Red Cross, the county social services department, or local
Pen Pals
Offer your students the opportunity to correspond with students in other countries. Two
recommended web sites that provide names and help make connections between U.S. and
foreign students are:
World Pen Pals
There is a fee of $3 per individual name; group
rates are available to teachers. Parental consent is required for children under 13.
ePALS Classroom Exchang
e ­
This Canadian-based site offers a wide range
of opportunities and services to students, teachers, and parents. Among these are monitored
online discussions on topics such as bullying and the effects of war on children; built-in web
mail language translation; student-student, teacher-teacher, and parent-parent
communications; classroom resources; and much more. Students require parental consent to
use this service.
World Affairs Council
This national organization, with over 80 chapters throughout the United States, sponsors a wide
variety of educational programs for schools and communities. The web site (see Resources)
lists chapters around the country. Contact your local chapter to arrange a speaker or panel
discussion about immigration issues, about the countries represented by recently arrived
immigrants in your school, or to find out about other educational programs available to
Social Studies

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