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MHz Networks - Social Studies
To illustrate that the United States is a nation of immigrants, ask the students what country they
or their forebears came from. Have the students create a table or graph showing this
information. What countries or parts of the world have the greatest representation?
1. What are some reasons that people immigrate to the United States?
2. How does immigration change society?
3. Is there a "typical" immigrant to this country? If so, describe such a person.
4. Are there immigrants in the local community? Where are they from?
5. Are there immigrants in the school? Where are they from?
Have the students read the descriptions of the four countries of origin* of the students in the
NOTE: It is recommended that you view the film before showing it to students. Segment times correspond to VCR
timer by setting the timer to zero just as the film begins.
Have the students watch the following two segments of the film. They should take notes based
on the focus questions below. Have a class discussion of these questions after the students
have viewed each of the film segments.
Segment 1 ­ 00:00 ­ 09:26 (from the beginning through the section about Nhat, ending
with " we can talk to them.")
Segment 2 - 12:08 ­ 27:25 (Begins with Yasmine on the gym bleachers talking to her friend,
ends when Jorge gets off the phone, trying to arrange driving lessons.)
Focus questions
What issues and challenges does each student face in trying to adapt to American society?
What challenges are created by American culture and which derive from the student's native
Do any of the students in the video point out something about American society that you never
noticed or thought about?
* Background information for the countries of origin can be found in the Resources section at
Social Studies

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