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MHz Networks - Shortz Guidelines 2008
Each winning entry receives a "Shortie" award for outstanding filmmaking or news, and every student that
enters the festival receives a certificate of participation. The winners will be announced at the public
celebration on Sunday, June 1, 2008 at the Jack Morton Auditorium in Washington, D.C. This even is co-
sponsored by The Documentary Center at The George Washington University.
Each year a new t-shirt is designed for The Shortie Awards. Pre-paid and pre-ordered (before April 1, 2008)
shirts sell for $12. All 2008 t-shirts ordered after this date will sell for $15. Though ordering early will secure a
lower price, due to the nature of our ordering process, 2008 shirts may not be available for delivery until
close to the June 1, 2008 festival date.
They will be shipped as soon as they are received. Vintage Shortie
shirts are available anytime at our shop -
. Available styles and sizes
vary. For design information on the 2008 t-shirt, keep checking the website ­
. It
will be posted as soon as it is finalized.
The entry form for The Shortie Awards should be completed on-line at
. Once it is
complete and submitted online, PRINT the application and mail with your film entry, by 5PM March 21, 2008
c/o The Shortie Awards - Student Film & News Festival
8101A Lee Highway
Falls Church, VA 22042
Entries will be accepted in the following formats: mini-DV and DVD/R-variable rate 1x-8x (please make sure it
will play in a DVD player!). We will accept VHS only as a last resort please. (Please keep posted for up-to-
date information on submitting in other formats, files, and file transfers. Some of these entry formats may be
available soon!) The cover of each should be labeled with the following information:
Film Title
Film Length
Production Date
Producer's Name
School/Organization Name (if made in conjunction with a school or other organization)
City & state
Movie Title, 4 min., January 14, 2008
Mrs. Regina Hoffman, Jackson-Morris Elementary School, Arlington, VA

If you submit more than one film on a single mini-DV or DVD, a slate MUST be included before each film with
the above information. NOTE: It is not mandatory, but recommended, that you send in two copies of your
entry(s). This is so that if there is a tape/DVD related problem with the image, there will be a back-up
copy. Otherwise your entry will be disqualified.

The Shortie Awards ­ Student Film & News Festival will retain all submitted tapes, DVDs, posters, etc.
For additional information, email or contact the Shortie hotline at (703)770-7137.

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