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MHz Networks - January 2007 North TIERAwards

Infusing Technology for Achievement through Electronic Learning Stations
Electronic Learning Stations can turn stagnant teacher-centered classrooms into
interactive communities of learners in which all students are engaged and interested in
learning science. As computer access in the classroom increases, teachers must modify
their teaching to motivate students to learn at higher levels through technology. By
designing computer modules to research science content using the Internet to see science
through animations and interactive sites, teachers can increase student achievement. Five
chemistry and biology teachers will collaboratively endeavor to create lively classrooms
focused on student learning through electronic learning stations. The result of this project
will be fifteen modules integrating electronic learning stations and interactive white
board technology.
Karen Molloy
Mclean High School
Fairfax County Public Schools
Collaborate to Integrate & Elaborate
The goal of this project is to provide all instructional personnel at Fox Mill Elementary
School the opportunity to receive guided instruction and training in a selected area of
technology that they can then integrate into lessons in their classroom. The session will
be presented to grade level teams, after which they will create a lesson (collaborate)
which integrates technology, to enhance current instruction (elaborate) in their
classrooms. Each session will be presented during the school day, in a 3 hour time period,
and teachers will leave with a working knowledge of a piece of instructional technology
and a ready-to-use lesson that integrates the technology into their curriculum.
Christy Slifkey
Fox Mill Elementary School
Fairfax County Schools

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