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Suzuki - 2006 Annual Report (Page 7)

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Suzuki - 2006 Annual Report
Suzuki Music Annual
2005 7
The year began smoothly for Suzuki Cellists
with the Term 1 Play-In. Held at The Learn-
ing Centre, 22 students had lots of fun play-
ing pieces up to book 5 and eating Easter
eggs. A large teacher presence was
appreciated by students and teachers
A notable turn out of 50 students at the
Autumn Festival was wonderful. There was
a broad range of students and we were
thrilled to have three of them playing the
Haydn Concerto! We welcomed Annette
Constanzi from the UK as a guest tutor. She
received some positive feed back,
although some teachers felt she was not as
effective as past teacher trainers.
In Term 2, our main event was the
Graduations, where the overall standard of
playing was very high.
For the mini-festival in Term 3 we were
joined by Takao Mizushima, who was as
always inspiring and energetic. Students
particularly enjoyed the cello choirs and
repertoire classes. For fundraising, the cello
committee set up a lollies and drinks stall,
and sold all the lollies long before the end
of the day. This made a small profit.
The next event that was scheduled was the
Advanced Students Cello Party. Unfortu-
nately, this was cancelled due to lack of
In contrast to this, a larger number of
students played in the Graduation Concert
than last year. The acoustics in the hall for
the Concert were wonderful and the
students saw this as a fantastic experience.
Our final event for the year was the Term 4
Play-In. The overall response to this was
positive, despite the fact that student
numbers were quite low.
The Cello Committee, chaired by Jacinth
Powell had a successful year in 2005. Our
nine members have been joined by two
more teachers for 2006 and we are looking
forward to another exciting year! Thankyou
to all those who have supported the Cellos
and the Committee.
Sophie Anderson
2005 was a great success for the flutes.
Autumn Festival was exciting because we
had Marja-Leena Makila, Teacher Trainer
from Finland on her first visit to Australia.
We had a good number of students for Mini
Festival as well as the Grand Annual
Concert, who all played beautifully. We
had our first all flute concert on a hot
November afternoon, which included an
ensemble section and a great variety of
pieces ranging from the youngest of
beginners, to the most advanced students.
Our students played so well in both solos
and ensembles.
Our small 2
hand music stall is coming
along well.
We are happy to report that all our events
either made, or exceeded budget, and
due to some enthusiastic freddo frog lovers,
we sold chocolates and we made our
A special thank you to Hilary Bergen for
taking so many boxes to her salon to sell to
her staff! Thank you to the ongoing efforts of
this committee for making 2005 such a
successful year.
Nathalie Resciniti

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