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Biosis - Declining Koala Pop ZR
Declining Koala Population
Conservation research crosses over into several overlapping fields, such as biodiversity, genetics,
pathology, population studies, ecology, and nutrition. Zoological Record (ZR) helps you stay abreast of
all the developments in conservation because it covers all of its related fields so well. Primed for
interdisciplinary research, ZR indexes more journals and scientific conferences than any other resource
for animal biology, making it an indispensable research tool.
A note on predation on koalas Phascolarctos cinereus by raptors, including wedge-tailed eagles
Aquila audax, in Queensland.
Melzer, Alistair. Tucker, Gail. Hodgson, John. Elliott, Barrie.
Queensland-Naturalist. 2003 June; 41(1-3): 38-41.
The koala: natural history, conservation, management.
Second edition.
Martin, Roger. Handasyde, Kathrine.
Book; Print
The status of Australian mammals in 1922: Collections and field notes of museum collector Charles Hoy.
Short, Jeff. Calaby, John H.
Australian-Zoologist. 2001 July; 31(4): 533-562.
Breeding dynamics of koalas in open woodlands.
Ellis, WA. Hale, PT. Carrick, F.
Wildlife-Research. 2002; 29(1): 19-25.
High effective inbreeding coefficients correlate with morphological abnormalities in populations of
South Australian koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus).
Seymour, Ayesha M. Montgomery, Margaret E. Costello, Brian H. Ihle, Sonja. Johnsson, Greg. St John,
Barbara. Taggart, David. Houlden, Bronwyn A.
Animal-Conservation. 2001 August; 4(3): 211-219.
Improving habitat models and their utility in koala conservation.
Cork, Steven J. Hume, Ian D. Foley, William J.
Conservation-Biology. 2000 June; 14(3): 660-668.
Genetic diversity and gene flow among southeastern Queensland koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus).
Fowler, EV. Houlden, BA. Hoeben, P. Timms, P.
Molecular-Ecology. 2000 February; 9(2): 155-164.
An ecological history of koala habitat in Port Stephens Shire and the Lower Hunter on the central
coast of New South Wales, 1801-1998.
Knott, Tiffany. Lunney, Daniel. Coburn, Dionne. Callaghan, John.
Pacific-Conservation-Biology. 1998 December; 4(4): 354-368.
Incorporating habitat mapping into practical koala conservation on private lands.
Lunney, Daniel. Matthews, Alison. Moon, Chris. Ferrier, Simon.
Conservation-Biology. 2000 June; 14(3): 669-680.
Overview, critical assessment, and conservation implications of koala distribution and abundance.
Melzer, Alistair. Carrick, Frank. Menkhorst, Peter. Lunney, Daniel. St John, Barbara.
Conservation-Biology. 2000 June; 14(3): 619-628.
Population trends and the koala debate.
Phillips, Stephen S.
Conservation-Biology. 2000 June; 14(3): 650-659.
Analysis and conservation implications of koala genetics.
Sherwin, William B. Timms, Peter. Wilcken, Jonathan. Houlden, Bronwyn.
Conservation-Biology. 2000 June; 14(3): 639-649.
A community-based survey of the koala, Phascolarctos cinereus, in the Eden region of south-eastern
New South Wales.
Lunnery, Daniel. Esson, Carol. Moon, Chris. Ellis, Murray. Matthews, Alison.
Wildlife-Research. 1997; 24(1): 111-128.
Anatomy and Embryology
Animal Conservation
Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental
Research Technical Report Series
Australian Entomologist
Australian Forestry
Australian Geographical Studies
Australian Journal of Ecology
Australian Journal of Zoology
Australian Veterinary Journal
Australian Wild Life (Sydney)
Australian Wildlife Research
Australian Zoologist
Biochemical Genetics
Biological Conservation
Biology of the Koala.
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology C
Pharmacology Toxicology &
Conservation Biology
Ecology for Everyone: Communicating
Ecology To Scientists, the Public and
the Politicians.
Ecos (Australia)
General and Comparative Endocrinology
Genetical Research
Habitat Australia
Invertebrate Taxonomy
Jewel Beetles
Journal of Anatomy
Journal of Applied Ecology
Journal of Comparative Physiology
Journal of Comparative Physiology B
Biochemical Systemic and Environmental
Journal of Heredity
Journal of Neurochemistry
Journal of Parasitology
Journal of Wildlife Diseases
Journal of Zoology Series A
Koala Summit: Managing Koalas In
New South Wales: Proceedings of the
Koala Summit Held at the University of
Sydney, 7-8 November 1988.
Koala: Australia's Endearing Marsupial.
Molecular Ecology
Nature Conservation 2: the Role of
Nature Conservation 4: the Role of
Okajimas Folia Anatomica Japonica
Pacific Conservation Biology
Penguin Conservation
Possums and Gliders.
Proceedings of the Royal Society of
Queensland Naturalist
Royal Society Philosophical Transactions
Biological Sciences
Sitzungsberichte Der Gesellschaft
Naturforschender Freunde Zu Berlin N F
South Australian Naturalist
Species at Risk - Research in Australia.
The Ecology of Arboreal Folivores.
The Koala, A Natural History.
The Koala.
The Koala: Natural History, Conservation,
Management. Second Edition.
The Status of Endangered Australasian
Wildlife. Proceedings of the Centenary
Symposium of the Royal Zoological
Society of South Australia, 21-23
September, 1978.
Translocation of Wild Animals.
Vertebrate Zoogeography & Evolution In
Australasia (Animals In Space & Time).
Veterinary Record
Wildlife (London)
Wildlife In Australia
Wildlife Research
Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine: Current
Therapy. 3Rd Edition.
01/04 AP-3980-P
In Zoological Record

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