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Biosis - H2 ZRCD
T h e Z R o n C D T h e s a u r u s
Lists the currently selected term.
Broader Terms
Those terms under which the selected term falls in the hierarchy. For example, at the
Selected Term Details screen for the term
Diet, you see the Broader Term Nutrition. If
this term is appropriate to your search, select it and conduct an exploded search.
Narrower Terms
If present, indicate that more specific terms exist for the selected term. If there is a (+)
sign next to a narrower term, it means that the narrower term also has narrower terms
that are not displayed. If a narrower term with a (+) is a relevant term for your search,
look at its Selected Term Details to see if you want to include its narrower terms.
ZR on CD record is given the most specific descriptor terms possible, which are
useful for locating entries that fall under a single broad classification. For example, if you
are interested in
Nutrition, the Selected Term Details list the narrower terms Digestion,
Diet, Photosynthesis, Energy sources, etc. By selecting each of these terms, you can find
all citations for
Nutrition. The Explode feature makes it easy to choose all narrower
terms for a selected term. See "Exploding Terms" on page 23.
Related Terms
Additional terms that may be relevant to a search, but which are not part of the broader
term-narrower term hierarchy. Rather, they share some conceptual similarity with the
selected term.
Scope Notes
Lists additional information about the selected term. This information may include a
definition of the term, applications, and history notes for term usage for various vol-
umes, and references to related terms.
Used For Notes
Indicates that the selected term is the preferred term for any terms listed under the
Used For heading. For example, the Used For notes for the term
Food preferences indi-
cates that it is the preferred term for the concept of
Food selection. See Figure 3.
Food preferences
Includes food selection.
USED FOR: Food selection
TREE 1 of 1: Nutrition
Feeding behaviour
Food preferences
Figure 3 Selected Term Details Screen

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