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Biosis - Evo 7 4
BIOSIS Evolutions
reference database: controlled and natural-language
subject headings, a unique systematics field giving
complete taxonomic hierarchy information for all
organisms, and exhaustive author bibliographies.
"We are very pleased that we will be able to offer this
enhanced database on IDS," said CSA president Matt
Dunie. "Zoological Record is the premier taxonomic
index of the world's zoological literature, and I am
thrilled that we will be able to further enhance the
database by adding abstracts to a significant number
of the records."
Subject coverage in ZR Plus will include all the areas
from the ZR index, including animal science, behavior,
biochemistry, biometrics, communication, disease,
ecology, evolution, genetics, habitat, histology,
immunology, life cycle and development, locomotion,
morphological variation, nomenclature, paleontology,
physiology, taxonomy, techniques, and zoogeography.
"ZR Plus will expand on Zoological Record's
reputation as the premier animal science research
database," said Linda Sacks, Senior Vice President,
Marketing and Sales, BIOSIS. "We have worked with
CSA to ensure that users can expect the quality of
Zoological Record
in a unique and innovative format."
For further information, contact Michael Miyazaki,
Marketing Communications Manager,
at Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (+1.301.961.6761;
e-mail or Marisa Westcott,
Director of Marketing at BIOSIS (+;
Zoological Record Adds CSA
As a Vendor Partner
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA) and BIOSIS
have signed an agreement to create the Zoological
Record (ZR) Plus
database file and make it available
through CSA's Internet Database Service (IDS). The
electronic file will be an enhanced version of the ZR
index and will include additional abstracts drawn
from the CSA Biological Sciences Database. In
addition, ZR Plus subscribers will have access to
CSA's Web Resources Database of indexed Web sites
and its Recent References database of current
citations. Subscribers can also use the IDS link-to-
full-text feature to access the full-text version of
references retrieved searching the ZR Plus database.
ZR Plus
will provide extensive coverage of the
world's animal science research literature. The
database will include the same features that have
made ZR the world's most valuable animal science
Zoological Record
is the premier taxonomic index
of the world's zoological literature, and I am
thrilled that we will be able to further enhance the
database by adding abstracts to a significant
number of the records.
Matt Dunie, President
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA)
Zoological Record Is Seeing Stars
Four of them, in fact
We've long known that the Zoological Record free
resources page was first rate, but we're glad to see
that others have taken notice. Sites such as Apple
Computer's iReview and the National Biological
Information Infrastructure (NBII) database have
recognized the useful tools at the Zoological Record
free resources page.
Available at the BIOSIS Web site (,
you can read through a listing of changed and
renamed organisms, as well as a nomenclatural
glossary, software reviews, the Zoological Record
Thesaurus, and much more.
iReview ( ­ Apple Computer's
iReview Web site celebrates the best in fun and
educational Web sites. BIOSIS is happy to note
that the Zoological Record free resource page
scored four stars in their review, which you can
find in the Arts and Sciences section of iReview.
NBII ( ­ Sponsored by government,
non-profit, and commercial organizations, NBII
is an electronic gateway to biological data and
information. Once there, you can find links to
BIOSIS and other sources of life sciences
information on the Web.

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