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Controlled Term Searching
The controlled vocabulary list (Authority File), available for
both BA and BA/RRM, is a valuable search aid that assists
in selecting appropriate controlled terms, ensuring the most
comprehensive retrieval. It is divided into ten main branches
that correspond to various subject fields, and consists of a
list of terms used in those fields.
Use the Thesaurus feature to access the branches of
the Authority File, available at:
SCOPE NOTE: The development or use of drugs for the
diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of disease in animals
and humans. Includes drug design, testing and clinical
trials, drug pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics
More specific (narrower) terms:
More general (broader) terms:
Major Concept Terms
You can pinpoint a search even further by searching within a
specific field using the NEAR operator to retrieve any modifiers
or other information that may have been added to enhance a
keyterm's meaning. This can help to locate information on
specific roles, contexts, meanings, genders, etc., such as:
predator/prey relationships
drug interactions
animal model studies
Aspirin, for example, can be an antipyretic, anticoagulant,
analgesic, etc. To find studies where aspirin is being used as
an antipyretic, use the following strategy:
(aspirin near antipyretic near drug) in cb
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Use "Set Other Limits" to refine a search.
Publication Year
Summary Language
Abstract Indicator
Update Code
Sample Record
TI Title:
Successful ribavirin therapy for severe adenovirus hemorrhagic
cystitis after allogeneic marrow transplant from close HLA donors rather
than distant donors.
AU Author, Editor, Inventor:
Miyamura-K {a}; Hamaguchi-M; Taji-H; Kanie-T;
Kohno-A; Tanimoto-M; Saito-H; Kojima-S; Matsuyama-T; Kitaori-K; Nagafuji-K;
Sato-T; Kodera-Y
AD Author Address:
University School of Medicine, Tsurumai-cho 65, Showa-ku, Nagoya,
466-8550, Japan
SO Source:
Bone-Marrow-Transplantation. March, 2000; 25 (5): 545-548.
PY Publication Year:
DT Document Type:
IS ISSN (International Standard Serial Number):
LA Language:
LS Language of Summary:
AB Abstract:
Intravenous ribavirin was given to nine patients who had
developed severe adenovirus-induced hemorrhagic cystitis (AD-HC) which was
resistant to conventional therapy or where there was involvement of other
organs after allogeneic BMT. Three patients recovered completely from
AD-HC, two of whom had been resistant to vidarabine. All three had received
sibling BMTs (2 HLA matched, 1 HLA mismatched). Five patients who
received BMTs from related (2 HLA mismatched) or unrelated (1 HLA
matched, 2 HLA mismatched) showed an improvement in symptoms but had
recurrent AD-HC after discontinuation of ribavirin. Improvement in clinical
symptoms and termination of virus excretion were well correlated. The last
patient who received a mismatched unrelated BMT died during ribavirin
therapy. Ribavirin was notably more effective among patients receiving BMTs
from siblings in contrast to patients receiving BMTs from alternative donors
(<0.05). One patient experienced severe pancytopenia during the second
treatment with ribavirin after HC recurrence and recovered after ceasing
ribavirin. Thus, ribavirin seems to be very effective for severe AD-HC for some
recipients who receive transplants from a genetically close donor.
AI Abstract Indicator:
MC Major Concepts:
Infection-; Hematology- (Human-Medicine,
Medical-Sciences); Pharmacology-
ST Super Taxa:
Adenoviridae-: Animal-Viruses, Viruses-, Microorganisms-;
Hominidae-: Primates-, Mammalia-,Vertebrata-, Chordata-, Animalia-
OR Organisms:
adenovirus- (Adenoviridae-)--pathogen; human-
(Hominidae-)--patient, adult
TN Taxa Notes:
Animal-Viruses; Animals-; Chordates-; Humans-; Mammals-;
Microorganisms-; Primates-; Vertebrates-; Viruses-
CB Chemicals and Biochemicals:
HLA-; ribavirin-: antiviral-drug
DS Diseases:
adenovirus-hemorrhagic-cystitis: urologic-disease, viral-disease
RN CAS Registry Number (R):
36791-04-5: RIBAVIRIN
MQ Methods and Equipment:
MI Miscellaneous Descriptors:
clinical symptoms
AN Accession Number:
UD Update Code:
In addition to the fields found above, the following fields
may be included in a sample meeting record, which may be
obtained from Biological Abstracts/RRM:
Publication Type
Meeting Information
29th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Experimental
Hematology, Tampa, Florida, USA, July 08-11, 2000
Meeting Sponsor
International Society for Experimental Hematology
Miscellaneous Descriptors
Meeting Abstract; Meeting Poster
The sample record has been modified/altered to better illustrate BIOSIS' unique
context-sensitive indexing fields. ©2000 SilverPlatter International N.V. All rights reserved.
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