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The Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting - eocd 2000 camporee booklet (Page 7)

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The Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting - eocd 2000 camporee booklet
A first aid station shall be maintained at each unit campsite throughout the
entire weekend. All injuries and illness, major and minor, must be
reported to the unit leader and to the camporee chairman. immediately. All
Scouts attending the camporee must have an emergency medical treatment
authorization form signed by his parent. Patrol leaders shall turn in these
forms as part of their check-in procedure. [points will be deducted from
final competition scores if patrol does not conform] A sample form is
included in this packet. Make copies for each participant. These forms can
be retrieved at end of camporee for future use.
No latrines shall be dug. Everyone shall use the boy's toilets in the old
chapel or the port-a-poties supplied for the camporee.
All Scouts and leaders are expected to wear full Scout uniform throughout
the entire weekend. No exceptions unless stated by camporee
chairman for specific times.
All Scouts and leaders are expected to attend church services on Sunday
morning and in complete uniform. Scouts and leaders wishing confession
shall leave their names and unit number with camporee chairman.
23. TAPS:
Points shall be deducted for Scouts not in their tents or for making
excessive noise or disturbing others alter taps.
All battery operated radios, tape players and electronic games are
prohibited on the academy grounds. REASON: The EOCS
Committee does not want responsibility for loss or damage and such
devices detract from the Scouting atmosphere. Any such devices found
shall be confiscated, tagged and returned after the camporee.
Every patrol is requested to present a skit or song at the Saturday night
campfire. Come prepared and make an effort and to practice. Its really
fun! Patrols are requested to submit the enclosed skit or song
registration form at check in.
All campsites shall be
in the same or better condition as when you
found them. Campmaster, Jim Athanasatos, shall be notified as when a unit
is ready for check-out inspection. All units are expected to be moved out
by 2:00 PM Sunday and must be checked-out prior to receiving patches.

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