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Paid for by Gore/Lieberman, Inc.
receive a pay increase through "Higher Standards / Higher Pay for Teachers." In addition to the
$12,960 advantage under the Gore plan, this family will also accumulate twice as much to send their
children to college over the next 18 years.

(3) A family with three children making $60,000: $4,850 more from Gore-Lieberman than from
Bush-Cheney. This family will save through tax cuts for working families, including marriage
penalty relief, tax cuts to help pay for college, and the Retirement Saving Plus plan. Lower interest
rates will save this family money on everything from mortgages to student loans. This family will
also benefit from being able to participate in a high-quality after school program and benefit from
job training for the mother. Under the Gore-Lieberman plan this family could ALSO enjoy a
retirement income that is nearly twice as large under the Bush-Cheney plan, both because they save
Social Security and because they provide greater opportunities for saving through Retirement
Savings Plus accounts.

(4) An elderly couple, making $45,000, in need of health coverage and prescription drug
coverage: $6,169 more from Gore-Lieberman than from Bush-Cheney. This family will save
money on lower taxes through marriage penalty relief and fiscal discipline which results in lower
interest rates. The wife will be able to buy into Medicare, saving her substantially on premiums,
and to use the health insurance tax credit to save even more. The husband will get a prescription
drug benefit through Medicare, rather than being forced to pay all the bills himself.

(5) A single mother with three children earning $22,000: $7,979 more from Gore-Lieberman
than from Bush-Cheney. This family benefits from guaranteed access to preschool, expanded
health insurance, increased child support payments, and tax cuts to reward work and pay for child
care. The mother, recently diagnosed with breast cancer is receiving potentially lifesaving
treatment. The children are getting individualized attention in smaller classes. Once a "deadbroke
dad," the noncustodial father is meeting his responsibilities by going to work and paying child
support. The Bush-Cheney plan would not provide any benefits to this family.

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