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This form authorizes the publication of your special occasion announcement in The Post-Standard. It must be completely filled out and submitted
along with your copy and photo no later than
Noon Wednesday 18 days prior to Sunday publication. Please type or print the information
I, _____________________________________________________ (the person placing the announcement), certify that the information and material
(including photographs) submitted for publication is true, is not defamatory, does not invade the privacy of any person and does not infringe any
copyright. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Post-Standard, its employees and agents, from and against all claims and expenses
(including attorney fees and expenses) arising out of the publication of material supplied by me for publication. I agree that The Post-Standard may
use, crop, modify or republish my announcement in any form (in any media now in existence or hereafter developed) in whole or in any part. I agree
that all photographs submitted become the Post-Standard's property and will not be returned. I also represent that I have permission from whoever
took the photographs to authorize the use(s) provided herein, and I agree to assume all responsibility and liability for any claim arising out of
publication of the photographs (or other information) that I submit to you.
Signature:____________________________________________________________________ Date: ________________________________
Street address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
City: ____________________________________________________ State: _____________________________Zip: ___________________
Daytime phone: ___________________________________________ Evening phone: ____________________________________________
If a photo is enclosed, how do you want the name(s) under the photo to appear: __________________________________________________
Announcement subject(s): ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Fax or e-mail #:________________________________ Attention: _________________________
Preferred publication date: _________________________________________. Information must be received by The Post-Standard 18 days
prior to the requested publication date.
The Post-Standard will call and quote prices. Except as may be modified herein, all ads are subject to the terms and conditions of The
Post-Standard's applicable rate card. All paid Celebration announcements must be paid in full prior to being published.
Payment Method:
Check #: ___________________________________________________________________________
Visa #: _____________________________________________________________________________
Master Card #: ______________________________________________________________________
Credit Card Expiration Date: _________________________ Credit Card Billing Zip Code: _______________
Cardholder's Name (PRINT): ________________________________________________________________
Cardholder's Signature: ____________________________________________________________________
Celebrations Keepsake - The Celebrations Keepsake is a reprint of your announcement on glossy stock, suitable for framing. The cost is $10.80.
Your keepsake will be mailed to the address provided above. Additional reprints may be ordered at $5.40 each (includes 8% NYS sales tax) through
EXTRAS! Readers Service, The Post-Standard's company store. Please make checks payable to: The Post-Standard. Framing options are also
available. Call 470-6079.
One Celebrations Keepsake @ $10.80 (tax included)
= $ 10.80
Additional Reprints (if any) @ $5.40 each x ______ (# of reprints) = $______
Total Cost = $______
Please return form to:
The Post-Standard, Milestones/Celebrations, P.O. Box 4915, Syracuse, NY 13221
Or fax to: (315) 470-3191

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