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International Scout and Guide Fellowship - file.2005 12 05.398083
24th World Conf report.doc
Version date: Oct. 10, 2005
Page 10 / 52
World Conference 2005
Conference Report
Mr. Vandervelden replied that the current and the proposed new membership
system are assumed to produce negligible differences in the total income. He
also mentioned a fund, which will cover the remaining 30% of the travel costs
for World Committee members attending the meeting.
Mr. Jean Vandervelden presented the proposed new system of calculating the
membership fees of the individual NSGFs.
Mr. Jean Vandervelden thanked Mr. Anthonio Florizoone, who has been the
auditor of ISGF for several years. Mr. Florizoone has accepted to be the new
treasurer of the ISGF.
Mr. Vandervelden then introduced Mr. Svend Erik Jensen of Sweden, who has,
by appointment of the World Committee according to the Constitution, accepted
to be the next auditor of the ISGF.
Mr. Riccardo Della Rocca expressed the gratitude of the World Committee
towards Mr. Vandervelden, who is as of this World Conference resigning his
office as Treasurer, for his long-standing efforts, and also to Antonio Florizoone
for his long-standing efforts as auditor to the ISGF.
Mr. Mohammed N·jib Gharbi, member of the World Committee, presented the
proposed new system of calculating the membership fees in more detail than
presented by Mr. Vandervelden. The new system is supposed to provide an
incentive to fast-growing NSGF. It is also supposed to be income neutral to
ISGF. The system contains three levels of membership fees, based on the rate
of the increase in the membership.
Level 1 will give unchanged membership fees.
Level 2 will give a 35% reduction of the membership fees over a certain number
of members.
Level 3 will give another 70% reduction of the membership fees over an even
higher increase of membership numbers.
Tunisia presented an invitation for the 25
World Conference 2008. The
conference is scheduled to take place during November 2008, in the oasis
Tozeur, on the edge of the Sahara desert.
The invitation was gratefully accepted.
A full invitation and subsequent information will be available via the Tunisian
ISGF website, with a link from the ISGF website.
Votes on proposed changes to the ISGF Constitution and ByeLaws.
Proposals are joint from the World Committee and the NSGFs of Astria, Greece
and Tunisia, unless otherwise stated. Proposed changes are in boldface
Vote no. 1, changes to Article V, Sections 1 ­ 4, Membership.
Section 1:
..., which fulfil the criteria and conditions for membership....
Section 2:
no change proposed.
Section 3:
Criteria and conditions for Full Members.
Section 4:
Criteria and conditions for Associate Members.
..., which fulfils the criteria and conditions given...
The proposal was carried by the required 2/3 majority.

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