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Product Information
Insect Growth Regulator
For long lasting control
Kill Adult & PRE-Adult Insects

contains a unique combination of three ingredients that attack an insects life
cycle to control fleas, ticks, cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, earwigs, sow bugs, confused
flour beetles, ants, spiders, mosquitoes and flies. Mericare
contains three insecticides
including natural pyrethrins, the synthetic pyrethroid, permethrin, and the new insect growth
regulator, fenoxycarb.

The insect growth regulator Fenoxycarb, the most important ingredient, inhibits
development of immature stages for many months (up to 8 month for fleas) thus
preventing them from reaching the adult stage. The action of the insect growth regulator
prevents invading insects, like cockroaches, from becoming established. Although it
takes time to see the full benefit on the more difficult to control insects, like
cockroaches, activity is visible within weeks after the first application and substantially
increases with subsequent applications.
· Fenoxycarb is UV stable - not broken down by sunlight
· Pyrethrins provide effective, quick killing activity against adult insects.
· Permethrin provides knockdown, rapid kill and residual control for up to 35 days.
· Piperonyl
Butoxide and MGK-264 are synergists which make the permethrin and
pyrethrins more effective.
Maintains effectiveness even after repeated vacuuming
Wide margin of safety
· Non-Staining
Economical - e.g. 1 liter treats 500 sq. ft (For cockroach control 250 sq. ft)
House & Carpet Spray is available in 1 liter packing
Alfamedic Ltd
Tel: 2982 2345
Fax: 2982 2775

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