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Channel One Network - opinions guidelines
Editor's Note: In order to make Channel One the best it can be, we may use, refuse, edit or modify any submission from its original
format or content. We get a lot of submissions -- that means we can't confirm that we got what you sent us and we can't return the
submissions you send. Neither can we be held responsible for lost, late or misdirected snail or e-mail. By submitting an article,
video, illustration, photo, poem, short story or any other material, you are granting to Channel One Network the right to use, edit,
reproduce, transmit, store and display these materials for any purpose and in any media now known or hereafter devised. When
submitting videos or photos, you are promising to us that you have gotten permission to do so from the people who appear in the
video or photo. You also grant us permission to use your first name, last initial, age and state in which you live.
Opinion Articles
What we're looking for:
This is your opportunity to give your personal shout-out on issues. Topics can range from local issues that other
schools might be dealing with or subjects of national/international debate. Examples include, "Locker searches
invade student privacy"; "I Want my MP3s: A student defends his right to share music on the Internet"; "The US
should stay out of Iraq," "Why public schools shouldn't fund Bible clubs," etc.
There are three ways to get an opinion article started with Student Exchange. You can send us:
A story idea. If approved, then you can write the piece for us or...
An article that you've written, but hasn't been published anywhere or...
An article that ran in your school's newspaper. Note: You must provide your newspaper advisor's contact
Please use the following guidelines to submit your article:
electronic text files will be accepted.
Articles should be 300-500 words
Include a list of sources -- both articles and people -- so we can check your facts. Include contact
information for any adult you quote and their official title.
Within the document of your article must be the following information:
Your first and last name
Your age
Your grade
School's name
School's city and state
Your e-mail address
A contact phone number, including area code
All opinions are cool, but you have to back them up with facts. Give us the whole story ­ even the
flip side, which you may disagree with.
If you disagree with something, offer an alternative solution.
Submissions should be free of typographical errors, incorrect grammar and spelling errors.
Make your articles logical, literate, smart and creative. Submissions should look professional, and
should be carefully proofread.
You can submit your work in ONE of two ways:
Via E-mail:
Snail mail:

Student Exchange

c/o Channel One Network
5300 Melrose Avenue
Suite 400E
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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