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Channel One Network - spw application
As an Anchor/Reporter, you have the job of covering all news and feature stories. Your assignments
include story selection and presenting the news on camera. Candidates will have a strong interest in
journalism combined with charisma, personality and confidence, a pleasing voice and good diction.
Anchor/Reporter is our most coveted position, so make your audition tape really creative so we notice
As Graphics Director, you develop the graphics for the newscast and decide which elements best support
and illustrate each story. Candidates will show us a self-produced video that includes eye-popping
animation sequences or innovative cinematography. We are looking for someone with artistic vision who
can choose art for the newscast, not necessarily a master illustrator.
As Music Director, you select and edit the music for the newscast. Candidates will show us a video they
have scored where the music reflects the right mood and is kept at the right volume. Also, tell us what
music you would use to open and close the broadcast.
As a Camera Person, you are in the field shooting the daily newscast and reports, as well as shooting and
editing the "Student-Produced Week Behind the Scenes" video. The ideal candidate is self-motivated and a
quick thinker. Demonstrate that you know how to use interesting camera angles, zooms, pull-backs, etc.,
and can edit video.
As the Set/Lighting Designer, you create the look and feel of the Student-Produced Week set. In addition
to potentially redesigning the set, you will design the lighting for each day's newscast. The candidate will
show us set design and lighting he/she has created and share ideas for the "new" set.
As the producer, you have creative authority over the content and operations of our Web
site, You will work with the Webmaster on the look and feel of the site, make decisions
on stories and viewer feedback. Candidates should have experience running a student newspaper that is
both in print and on the Web.
As the Webmaster, you design and execute pages for the Student-Produced Week Web
site. You will be responsible for managing the site's technical infrastructure. In addition to a videotape
application, candidates will need to show us the addresses of Web sites that you have created or helped
design and code. Candidates must have experience with HTML and Web site production in general.
Write a letter telling us which position best suits your talents. Explain what you like about Channel
One News
, why you want to participate in Student-Produced Week and how you would help make the
newscast even better. Describe any television experience you have had, or any other work experience
that might be relevant. If you want to be a producer, please include some feature story ideas. Make
your letter logical, literate, smart and creative. It should look professional -- typed and carefully
proofread for spelling and grammar.
The letter should include your name, home address and home phone number, as well as your school
name, address and phone number.
Include the names and phone numbers of two references, preferably teachers or administrators at your
school. It is a good idea to ask for their permission first.

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