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The Village Voice - specs
Ads sent via e-mail, FTP or disk.
Friday @ 5PM
Operating System
· We are a Macintosh based Production Department,
any files you send must be Macintosh compatible
Supplied Media
· We accept CD-ROM & DVD.
But we prefer that you e-mail or FTP your ad to us.
This will expedite the process.
File Formats
· The preferred file format is an Acrobat PDF. (See fig.1)
· Second to that an EPS with type converted to paths.
· We accept In-Design, Photoshop, and Illustrator files. But
we recommend that you send PDF or EPS versions of
these files. And as with all EPS files, convert all type to paths.
· We do not accept Quark, Microsoft Word, Publisher,
Powerpoint or Corel Draw files.
Quark files must be made in to PDF files. (See fig.1)
· If you choose to send In-Design or Illustrator files, include
all the fonts used in the file (Both the screen and printer
fonts). We can't work with True Type (TT) fonts. Don't
bother sending or using them. Include all images
used in the file.
· Compress your files before sending them. Self extracting
archives are preferred. We recommend using Stuffit.
Color & Resolution
The Village Voice is printed via four color process. CMYK.
· CMYK images must have an ink density 260% or less.
· We don't accept color image files in any other color
space besides CMYK.
· The Village Voice will not be held responsible for the
reproductive quality of any file submitted in RGB, LAB or
Calibrated color, or any image that exceeds the 260% ink density
· Don't embed any image profiles (i.e. ICC color profile).
The Village Voice is printed at 100 LPI and 1270 DPI.
· Grayscale and CMYK image must have 300 DPI at
output size. A higher resolution will not result in better
image quality. But anything lower will hurt image quality.
· Line art or bit map images must have 1200 DPI.
· Please keep in mind that our newsprint has a dot gain of
approximately 30%. Adjust your files accordingly.
Sizing And Cropping
· Build your document to the exact size of the ad.
· Do not add bleed, crop marks or registration marks.
· Do not leave anything outside the ad (i.e. calibration bars).
· All ads submitted via disk must be accompanied by a proof.
· Electronically transmitted ads must have a fax version sent to
212.228.7627 for Entertainment clients
212.475.8947 for Retail sales clients
212.475.8972 for Classified clients
· Please note: We do not recommend that your sales
representative print out their copy of the PDF file as a proof.
It is our intension to get the most reliable proof possible.
The Village Voice Production department will not be held
responsible for errors that result from proofing against
material that does not come directly from the client.
· All e-mail submissions must be sent to:
· Please CC your sales representative and associate.
· Subject line must include the client name and insertion date
Example: Spire Records_4-30-05
· Body of e-mail must include the name and telephone
number of a responsible contact person.
· Keep all e-mailed files under 10 MB, otherwise use our FTP site.
· All FTP files are to be sent to:
· User Name: Anonymous
· Password: None
· Directory: ads/villagevoice Not incoming or upload
· Please send an e-mail notification to your sales representative
and associate.
· CC when sending via FTP. Always
include client name, file name insertion date, and contact
information in the FTP notification.
· We recommend Fetch to upload to our FTP site.
· Avoid using small type.
If you use white type smaller than 12pt on a four color
background you're asking for registration problems.
This is especially true of serif type faces.
If you use four color type smaller than 10pt you're asking for
registration problems. This is especially true of serif type
faces. Use a one color (C,M,Y or K) for best results.
· Avoid using thin rules.
If you use white rules smaller than 4pt on a four color
background you're asking for registration problems.
If you use four color rules smaller than 4pt you're asking for
registration problems. Use a one color (C,M,Y or K) for best results.
· Avoid using 4/C black
A black made from 100% black and 40% cyan works best
in our publication.
Production Specifications
for sending ads electronically
This specification sheet is a set of guidelines for sending ads to the Village Voice. If you have further concerns or questions please contact your sales representative directly

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