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Ophthalmology Management - microkeratomereview
While LASIK is no longer your and your patients' only option for surgical vision correction, it's still the most
popular. And, as you know, there's a lot riding on your microkeratome when it comes to the safety and
success of your procedures. So, for your convenience as you look to purchase your first microkeratome,
upgrade what you're currently using, or track the technological progress of these instruments, we've
compiled this handy list of microkeratomes and the features that you've told us are important to you. We've
included safety features, information on cost, warranty and what's included in your purchase price.
IntraLase Corp.
Dave Eck
(877) 393-2020 ext. 200
Disposable or Nondisposable:
Patient interface
completely disposable
Blade Oscillation:
Femtosecond laser keratome ­
no blade
Translation Speed:
Drive Mechanism:
Suction Ring Sizes:
Only one suction ring needed as
laser flap is created optically with complete flexibili-
ty of all surgical parameters
Hinge Position:
Anywhere on the cornea as directed
by surgeon (via keystroke)
Hinge Length:
Any hinge length is achievable.
Surgeon chooses all surgical parameters via
Flap Diameter:
Variable up to 9.5 mm
Flap Thickness:
Surgeon preference (via keystroke);
110 to 200+ microns (accuracy of + 5)
Visualization of the Applanated Cornea?
Yes, entire
flap procedure may be seen through the microscope
as well as on the computer screen
Number of Assembly Steps:
No assembly; proce-
dure begins with application of suction ring
Safety Features:
Computer-controlled precision
enables surgeon to accurately customize every
corneal flap. Because the flap is created optically
with a laser rather than a mechanical device, noth-
ing transverses the cornea, virtually eliminating the
risk of abrasion. The INTRALASE FS Laser also
enables surgeons to safely create thin flaps if
desired, particularly for patients with thin corneas.
Edge-to-edge consistency and predictability has
been demonstrated clinically, eliminating the possi-
bility of thin, incomplete or button-holed cuts.
Approximately $150 per eye
What's Included:
The INTRALASE FS Laser is sold
on a fee-per-procedure basis, which includes all
disposables, service, training and software for the
term of the contract.
Other Features/Comments:
Laser and proprietary IntraLASIK software provide
unprecedented precision and surgeon control to
minimize the possibility of flap complication while
maximizing comfort and safety. The laser is also
cleared for lamellar keratoplasty.
LaserSight Technologies, Inc.
Liz Best, Director of Marketing
(407) 678-9900 ext. 195
UltraShaper Durable Keratome
Disposable or Nondisposable:
Blade Oscillation:
7,200 rotations/min.
Translation Speed:
4.6 mm/sec.
Drive Mechanism:
Suction Ring Sizes:
8.5 mm
Hinge Position:
Hinge Length:
5.33 mm
Flap Diameter:
Average flap diameter is 8.6 mm
Flap Thickness:
156 microns
Visualization of the Applanated Cornea?
Visualization of flap during cut
Number of Assembly Steps:
Safety Features:
Recessed gear assembly; unique
integrated stopping device; fixed applanation plate;
low vacuum arm
What's Included:
1-year warranty on console, hand-
piece and accessories; keratome head 160m, motor,
suction ring (8.5mm), manual, cable subassembly,
autoclave tray, metal blade holder accessory, blade
insertion block, wand accessory, screwdriver,
UltraShaper assembly, console with control assem-
bly, suction tubing (1 box of 10), UltraEdge Blades (1
box of 10), and all accessories
Other Features/Comments:
Before being launched
into the refractive marketplace, the results of the
UltraShaper were tested and fully documented in a
broad-based clinical evaluation. No other keratome
has ever been launched based on this level of
clinical support. In a large-scale study of 1,504
human eyes, the UltraShaper delivered the follow-
ing results: average flap thickness: 156 microns;
average flap diameter: 8.6 mm; flap complication
rate: 0.
Rod Ross
(949) 582-3891
ML Microkeratome
Disposable or Nondisposable:
Blades are single-use
Blade Oscillation:
Adjustable by surgeon from 8,000
to 12,000 rotations/min.
Translation Speed:
Adjustable by surgeon from 2 to
5 mm/sec.
Drive Mechanism:
Both manual and automated
models will be available. Automated model is based
on a fine helical drive.
Suction Ring Sizes:
Options between 8 mm and 10
Hinge Position:
Hinge Length:
Adjustable based on physician
Flap Diameter:
Adjustable based on physician pref-
Flap Thickness:
The Calibrated LASIK Blade (CLB)
provides for a more customized approach to creat-
ing the flap thickness through the selection of Minus
20 (microns) CLB, Plano CLB or the Plus 20
(microns) CLB.
Visualization of the Applanated Cornea?
required with the ML Microkeratome design
Number of Assembly Steps:
Safety Features:
Four long vacuum slits in vacuum
ring to prevent false vacuum; adjustable vacuum
levels based on patient's needs; flap thickness con-
trolled by CLB design; battery back-up
Price to be announced for both the manual
and automated model.
What's Included:
To be announced
Other Features/Comments:
The ML Microkeratome
will feature the proven Calibrated LASIK Blade
(CLB) design that allows for a more customized
approach to creating the flap. The patented elevat-
ed linear rail design allows the device to fit all
shapes and sizes of eyes as no other microker-
atome has in the past.

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