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Suzuki - Victorian Piano Certificates Level 2 4 Form 2008 (Page 1)

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Suzuki - Victorian Piano Certificates Level 2 4 Form 2008
Teachers must have Suzuki Teacher Accreditation AND
Have met the annual Professional Development requirement in 2007 AND
Be a financial member of Suzuki Music to be eligible to enter students for
Victorian Piano Certificates
Families MUST be 2008 financial members of Suzuki Music
Applications cannot be accepted without full payment.
Only ONE payment per teacher to cover all students entered please.
Please ensure that ALL details are complete and accurate (forms will be returned if details are not complete).
Please use a second form if you are entering more students than spaces on the form.
Entry fee includes participation in Piano Graduation Celebration Concerts.
Tapes received after the deadline, students transferring to a later session or transferring from live to tape (or tape to live) will incur an additional fee.
Applications received after the closing date will incur a late fee of 25% of total certificate fees, to a maximum of $25 per teacher per series.
Where pieces require approval prior to submission, the Victorian Certificate Piece Approval form MUST be submitted to the Suzuki Music office at
least 2 weeks prior to the Deadline for Applications. Teachers will be notified of the outcome of the Approval process to enable applications to be
submitted by the Deadline for Applications.
Brendel Certificate ­ Beethoven Sonata Op 49 No 2, 1
OR 2
Mvt (Bk 4)
Rubinstein Certificate ­ Scarlatti Sonata (Bk 6) AND OWN choice piece of a similar level (to be submitted to Suzuki office on Victorian Certificate Piece
Approval form at least 2 weeks prior to Deadline for Applications below)
Horowitz Certificate ­ Choice of Paderewski Minuet (Bk 7) OR Chopin Waltz in C# Minor,
AND OWN choice piece of a similar level (to be submitted to Suzuki office on Victorian Certificate Piece Approval form at least 2 weeks
prior to Deadline for Applications below)
Deadline for Tapes to be
received in office
Live Performance
Celebration Concerts
Series 1
Wed 19 March
Wed 30 April
Sun 4 May - MLC
Sun 22 June
Series 2
Wed 25 June
Wed 20 August
Sun 24 August ­ Wesley, Glen Waverley
Sun 12 October
Teacher's Name ___________________________________ Amount Payable $______________
Please note that a late fee of 25% of your Piano Certificate fees (to a maximum of $25) must be added for all applications received after the closing date.
Cheque/Money Order (Payable to Suzuki Music)
Card Number
_ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _
Expiry Date
_ _ / _ _
Cardholder's Name ___________________________________________________
Signature __________________________________________________________

PO Box 439 Kew East Vic 3102 Ph 9859 0433 Fax 9859 0477
Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia (Vic) Inc. Reg. No. A5744 ABN 14 080 413 955

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