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DogHobbyist - membership
The Central Florida
Rottweiler Verein
visit our website at
or visit the "clubs" section of the webpage
~ Membership Application ~
Please fill out this form and mail (with your check) to the below address
Mailing Address:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Email Address:
I have read the By Laws for the Central Florida Rottweiler Verein (see webpage) and
agree to abide by such.
Please send a check payable to "Steve Gregalunas" to PO Box 655, Groveland, Florida
34736. If you have any questions regarding membership, please call 352/429-3873.
Membership is defined as follows:
Full members shall be provided with an official membership card and shall receive a quarterly
newsletter from the CFRV.
A family membership shall recognize two (2) persons in a household as individual full members
of the ARV with all rights and privileges as describedas the above full member. The
membership chairperson shall issue each person a separate membership card. The family
membership includes one (1) subscription to the newsletter.
If you are already an ARV member:
Full Membership
Family Membership
before July 1st - $ 30
before July 1st - $ 40
after July 1st - $15
after July 1st - $20
If you are not yet an ARV member:
Full Membership
Family Membership
before July 1st - $ 75
before July 1st - $ 85
after July 1st - $30
after July 1st - $40
For 2001, the CFRV will bill you for both the CFRV and ARV memberships so that you
only have to send out one check to renew both memberships.

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