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Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home - csp 2006
NLH Realty Corp.,
organized in 1982, is a not-for-profit
real estate holding company and a subsidiary of the Nathan Littauer Foundation.
Community Health Center
of Nathan Littauer Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital is a joint
venture between the two hospitals. It is certified to deliver acute and long-term home health
care. Its sister organization,
Home Health Care Partners,
provides homemaker/aide services in
homes and may also contract for provision of those services to certified agencies.
Support Services Corp.
is the parent corporation for Community Health Center and Home Health
Care Partners. The Boards of Directors for Community Health Center and Home Health Care
Partners are appointed by Community Support Services Corp. Each board consists of six
representatives from Nathan Littauer Hospital and six representatives from St. Mary's Hospital.
The Board of Directors for Community Support Services Corp. consists of six members appointed
by Colonial Healthcare Corp. and six members by St. Mary's Hospital.
Nathan Littauer Auxiliary/Volunteers:
The purpose of this organization is to render
service to Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home and their patients and residents and to
assist Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home in promoting the health and welfare of the
community in accordance with the objectives established by this institution. In 2005, there
were 194 auxilians, 25 volunteers and 27 candystripers/junior volunteers who contributed a
total of 18,947.30 hours to Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home.
Nathan Littauer Foundation, Inc.,
established in
1982 has a 24 member Board of Directors to oversee
fundraising activities that support Nathan Littauer Hospital
and Nursing Home. (See page 14)
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