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Rodgers Builders - Rodgers Report Winter 2003 (Page 3)

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Rodgers Builders - Rodgers Report Winter 2003
every time I
someone the
new Aquatics
Complex, the
first word out
of their
mouth is
Harris YMCA
was asked
whether we
had built a
like this
before. The
answer was,
not exactly,
but we have
the right
group of
people to
do it."
Tripp Bulla
Bulla Smith
Left: Taking the plunge! Andy Calhoun,
President of the YMCA of Greater Charlotte,
inaugurates the new pool. Right: The
stunning mural with glass block inset.
The Only Roof Of Its Kind?
The Aquatics Complex's completely
suspended roof structure, using
materials similar to those used on
suspension bridges, may be the first
of its kind. The timber cable truss in
the form of an inverted king post
truss uses 12" x 36" glued-
laminated timbers as the top
compression chords and steel
cables as the tension members.
Visually light cables and steel
kingposts achieve an effective
structural depth of 12 feet to span
the 94 feet between supports while
offering the appearance of a much
thinner structure. Glu-Lam purlins
span the trusses and a heavy timber
tongue-and-groove deck completes
the roof.
Problem Solving
Working some 30 feet high,
precisely fabricated steel
components were integrated with
the heavy Glu-Lam timbers and
assembled. King posts had to be
supported by temporary steel
columns for erection of timbers
and stringing of cables. Once the
roof was completed, the cables
were tightened and lever operated
railroad jacks lifted the middle
several inches to allow removal of
the temporary columns.
Another unique problem involved
the double wall of glass blocks in
the mural. When installed, it
became evident they would collect
water and debris between layers.
Superintendent Jay Ames devised
an elegant solution that preserved
the luminosity of the glass yet
camouflaged the accumulation.
The letters "YMCA" were etched on
individual glass panels and installed
in an aluminum channel over the
glass block.
When the project was complete, all
the problem solving and unusual
techniques were worth it. Marti
Stegall, Operations Executive
Director for the Harris Y, says, "For
six years, this aquatics complex has
been a dream, a plan, a blueprint, a
big pile of dirt, a shell, and now a
state-of-the-art facility! I hope
Rodgers Builders will take great pride
in this fantastic facility that provides
our members a place to build a
healthy spirit, mind and body."
The information for this article was
submitted by Jay Ames, Superintendent
and Tripp Bulla, Bulla Smith Design.

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