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Suzuki - hp 97 instruction manual (Page 11)

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Suzuki - hp 97 instruction manual
The elegant control panel is designed for simplicity of operation and is divided
into several distinct sections. The following is a brief description of all the
features located on the control panel.
MASTER VOLUME - Use this rotary control button to adjust the overall volume
of the keyboard.
BASS TONE CONTROL- Slide this controller to adjust the bass tone level. To
add more Bass to the overall tone of the sound delivery system slide the Bass
control higher.
TREBLE TONE CONTROL- Slide this controller to adjust the Treble tone level.
To add more Treble to the overall tone of the sound delivery system slide the
Treble control higher.
SONG VOLUME - Slide this controller to adjust the volume of the built-in play
along songs, the keyboard instrument voice will not be affected.
DEMO - Press the DEMO button. The first demo song will play back instantly.
This piano has ten different demonstration songs.
To access an individual demo song press the +/YES or ­/NO buttons when the
Demo Feature is engaged. The Demo Songs will continue to play consecutively
until the DEMO button or the PLAY/STOP button is pressed.
NOTE: HG-415 - this panel buttons are located at the far right end of the
control panel
METRONOME - Press the METRONOME button to engage the built-in metro-
nome. Use the +/YES and ­/NO buttons with the metronome engaged to
choose the meter of your choice, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 or 5/4 time.
NOTE: HG-415 - this panel buttons are located at the far right end of the
control panel
TEMPO - Press one of the TEMPO buttons, the current tempo value will appear
on the display. You can use the TEMPO +, TEMPO ­ buttons, or the +/YES and
­/NO buttons to change the tempo value range from 40 to 240 bpm (beats per
minute). Press the TEMPO + or TEMPO ­ buttons or the +/YES and
­/NO buttons simultaneously to recall the default tempo setting. After three
seconds the display will revert to the selected voice.
There is a four-dot beat indicator above the tempo buttons. It indicates the
tempo and beat for the accompaniment that is playing.

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