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Our Chalet Adelboden - WC News Winter Spring 2005 (Page 1)

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Our Chalet Adelboden - WC News Winter Spring 2005
Issue No. 6
Winter/Spring 2005
Our Cabaña has launched a new photo gallery on its website so you can share in
the fun and excitement of the centre from your home computer.
The page allows you to take a pictorial tour of
the centre and its grounds and to see what the programmes and sessions at Our
Cabaña are really like.
For those who have recently visited Our Cabaña, the gallery also helps you to
remember some of the best moments of your session. "We can not remember
every instance that we live in our life, but images of those moments could say
a lot more,"
said Maria Sol Lopez Castro, Program Manager at Our Cabaña.
Team Building at Our
Community Volunteers start at Sangam
Sangam's new Community Volunteer Programme is now well underway.
Participants stay at Sangam for four and a half months whilst working with local
social organizations looking after infants and toddlers or helping older children to
learn English whilst teaching them games, music, art and dance.
Janet from Australia, Lillian and Mandy from the UK and Kristin from the USA are
now working with children from impoverished communities in and near Pune. "It is
wonderful to see the CVP participants living the mission of WAGGGS while staying
at Sangam where they receive cultural, emotional and educational support," said
Rachel Parker, Sangam's Deputy World Centre Manager.
Three volunteers from Pax
Lodge have been helping to
train new police recruits by
participating in a community
role-play exercise. Ana from
Mexico, Mio from Japan and
Marie from Canada each
played the part of a burgled
homeowner, following a given
scenario in which they had had
jewelry and money stolen.
The girls were interviewed
about the burglary to give the
police trainees an opportunity
to practise interviewing
`victims' of crime before finding
themselves in the real situation.
Our Chalet has recently run a successful `Team
building and leadership' seminar that was
attended by Girl Guide and Girl Scout leaders
from Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Czech Republic,
South Korea, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand,
Ireland, USA, Canada, Greece, Denmark and the
Participants developed their leadership, decision-
making and team building skills, whilst learning
more about each other's countries, organizations
and cultures.
Rasheeda was the first Girl Guide from the
Maldives Girl Guides Association to visit Our
Chalet. "The seminar was a historic moment
for us,"
said the association's International
Commissioner. "Such experience and exposure
contributes very much to personal
development as well as the enrichment of the
whole Guiding experience."
Memories from Our Cabaña
Pax Lodge helps police with their inquiries
Ana, Mio and Marie wearing the London Bobbies' hats with
the new police recruits outside Pax Lodge.

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