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Mort Bay Consulting - gregw Resume
Resumé: Gregory John Wilkins
Citizenship: Australian, British
Born: 24th October 1964
Phone: +44 7092063462
Updated: 15 February 2005
Object Oriented Architecture, Design and Development.
J2EE, JBoss,Geronimo, Jetty, XML, SQL, Sybase, Oracle.
Java (1995-), C++ (1988-1996), C, Assembler, Shell, Perl.
Unix, Linux, NT, VxWorks, MS-DOS, VMS, CPM-80.
UML, Booch, Jacobson
MENTOR (Object Oriented methodology)
Software Through Pictures
MIL STD 1679 & 2167
Mascot ACP & Mascot Machine.
Object Z formal specification language.
Problem Domains:
B2B & B2C web applications and services.
Telephony & Intelligent Networking.
Protocol Implementation.
Banking and Finance.
Fault Tolerant Hardware and Software.
Network Services and Management.
Real Time
Management & Communication:
Team Leader.
Member JSR154 Servlet2.4 API experts panel
Outsource software development.
Personnel Interview & Recruitment.
Project tracking and critical path analysis.
Business Plan preparation and investor presentations.
Presenter JavaONE 2002, JBossOne 2002 & ObjectWorld93.
Training: J2EE, C++ and Methods.
Mort Bay Consulting Pty. Ltd.
May 1995 -
Principal consultant and director of Mort Bay Consulting, a software consultancy with offices in Sydney Australia and London UK. As the principal of the consultancy, experience has been gained in all phases of the software
development and business life cycles.
Mort Bay's business is based around software consulting, development and support from individual consultants or small teams both on and off client site. Within this framework Greg has fulfilled many roles including architect,
analyst, designer, developer, team leader, trainer and technical mentor. Greg keeps in detailed technical contact with his projects whilst keeping the big picture in view.
Through Mort Bay, Greg has been involved with many clients and projects, including:
Jetty - HTTP server and Servlet Container.
(Dec 1995 - ) Greg is the main developer and project leader of this popular
project. Jetty was originally developed as the winning entry in the 1995 Sun
Microsystems Australian Java programming contest. The server was a component of an Issue Tracking System and as a proof of principle for the java language as a server side environment. Subsequently the
server was modified to support the standard javax.servlet interface and released as an open source project. Jetty has become the core product of Mort Bay Consulting and has provided the introduction to most of
the company's clients.
Jetty continues to be developed and follows the servlet specification from 1.0 to the latest 2.4 release. Greg is a member of the Java Community Process expert panel for Servlet API design.
Through Jetty, Greg has also become involved in the
J2EE open source projects. Greg was a founding member of the Geronimo project is on the project management committee.
(Oct 2004 ­ Jan 2005) Distra are developing a next generation ATM and electronic funds transfer switch. Greg was contracted to enhance and existing swing UI and to use it's underlying component
model to dynamically create a web interface based on the same XML UI configuration. An analysis of the overall configuration and provisioning requirements was done and recommendations made.
Colletta di Castelbianco
(Mar 2004 - ) Mort Bay formed a partnership to provide technical services to this medieval Italian village renovated as as cyber-village. Greg was responsible for:
Business liaison with the owners, developer and the companies for management and promotion. Assisted with the development of a cooperative business model.
Development of the multi-lingual web site for information and booking of apartments. Developed a JSP 2.0 based framework for navigation and presentation on the site, which allows multi-lingual
content to be added by non-technical users via a wiki style interface. Preparation of much of the initial content regarding the village, region and apartments.
Review of the network infrastructure within the village. Recommendations and high level design of changes required to reduce administration overheads, improve security and to introduce network
(Aug 2000 ­ Dec 2004) Consulting, development and support for Cisco's subscriber edge services. Responsibilities include:
Update of the infrastructure for the SGPIM. Updating the SASL authentication and web services profiles for the BEEP protocol. Prepared contributions to the beepcore open source project.
Design and prototyping of a J2EE implementation of the subscriber edge and service gateway models.
Integration and bundling of the Jetty web application container. Advice and prototyping for web container portability. Greg was able to use his membership of the servlet specification JSR to extend the
servlet specification with APIs to support Ciscos host key methods of subscriber identification within servlet containers.
Design, implementation and optimization of the of the RADIUS protocol libraries and RADIUS proxies and services.
Design and implementation of the DNS proxies services.
Implementation and optimization of a web services gateway to the edge services.
Design, prototyping and implementation of the connection capture handling for open wireless hotspots (Captive Portal).
The contract was initially full time, but became part time in May 2001 and includes support and sponsored development of Jetty. Cisco has also referred Greg to several of their clients for short term bespoke
development extending the subscriber edge platform, including projects for China Telecom and H3G Italian wireless provider.
Core Developers Network
(Jul 2003 - Jul 2004) Mort Bay formed an association with the CDN, which was formed as an open source services company. Greg was a founding partner of CDN and his
responsibilities included:
Preparation and presentation of training courses for the J2EE web tier, Jetty, Tomcat and JBoss
Preparation of online documentation for J2EE web tier
Prime contact for several CDN support clients
(Nov 2002 - Apr 2003) Mort Bay won the fixed price bid to design and implement software components of the NaviTag shipment tracking system. Sea shipping containers are tagged with electronic
seals with satellite transmitters. Mort Bay was responsible for design and development of:
The security algorithm for tag activation and transmissions.
The server software to receive and process the satellite transmissions.
A rules engine to process the positions and status of the messages received.
The Web UI for clients to monitor their shipments and manage their devices.
The PDA software to activate the NaviTags via IR and to sync with the server.
The system was implemented as a J2EE/JBoss server using postgis geo DB, the drools rules engine and the superwaba PDA environment. Greg was the team leader for the bid and project. He also contributed to
the software development for the PDA plus most other aspects of the server.
JBoss Group
(Jul 2001 - Jul 2003) Mort Bay Consulting became associates of the JBoss Group, who provide commercial services and training for the open source JBoss application server. Greg contributed
support and training for the web tier, which is implemented using the Jetty WWW server.
(Dec 2001) Analysis, review and J2EE software architecture for a retail banking application including a new back office system, a B2B portal and an extensible client interface.
Jacobs Rimell
(Mar 2000 - Sep 2000) Architect and team leader for the development of an application for distribution to commuters of realtime train status via SMS messaging. The system is 100% Java and
uses XML, CORBA, JDBC and Jacobs Rimell's APS X.500 directory product for service provisioning. A WAP/WML prototype interface was also developed for the system.
London Clearing House
(July 1998 - Sept 1999)
Architect and technical team leader for ABS II development. The LCH took over the development, deployment and support of the ABS system developed by the IPE (see below). Responsibilities and
developments included:
Deployment and support of ABS1 as the first extranet application between many city trading firms.
Replaced Java applet client with dynamic servlet interface using
Dynamic allocation of CORBA firewall configurations
Improved business logic moved from stored procedures to Java
New object to relational persistent layer
Improved security and authentication
New trade matching algorithm
International Petroleum Exchange (London)
(August 1997 - June 1998) Development of an Automated Brokerage Service (ABS) extranet application using 100% pure Java on both client and server side.
Mort Bay's Jetty WWW server was used for the administration interfaces, Visigenics ORB was used for client-server communications and Sybase JConnect/JDBC was used for database connectivity.
Responsibilities included:
Security and authentication recommendations.
IDL design & generation from Software-Through Pictures
Design and development of authentication and session management infrastructure
Implementation of server-side business model.
Design and implementation of generic persistence management classes using Java reflection.
Design and implementation of controller user interface using servlets
COLT - City Of London Telecom
(July 1997) Setup authenticated WWW site for customer care and service management over the WWW. Wrote proposal for strategic WWW platform for corporate office
automation solution.
Union Bank of Switzerland - London
(June 1997) Developed scripts for automatic creation of indexes for financial research published on the UBS WWW site.
Optimus Solutions
(March 1997) Developed Java FTP client. Integrated Jetty HTTP server and FTP client into Optimus's document management and litigation support products.
Bold (Dec 1996 - Feb 1997) Developed dynamic component of WWW site for
Foxtel Pay TV
. The Dynamo Java WWW environment was evaluated and selected. Dynamic components were combined with Jetty
HTML generation and JDBC to developed dynamic elements, look and feel generation and navigation support for the site. Program guide, search engine and tipping contest components were also developed.
Telstra Intelligent Network Development
(1 month) Requirements and high level design for network/application management system for Telstra IN card services.
Intelligent Switched Systems
. (Mar 1996 - Jan 1997) Greg was a founding partner of this start-up for the development of a secure calling card platform using DTMF smartcards. Greg was the software manager
and developer and was responsible for the software architecture and development of call handling and call planning subsystem using Java, JDBC and JIDL. Dynamic WWW interfaces integrated with telephony
system developed for customer service and support interface.
Object Oriented Pty. Ltd.
Dec 1992 - Mar 1996
Senior Consultant for C++/Unix Object Oriented development. Duties included:
Placement at client sites for development, C++ Mentor, OOA&D and team leadership.
Software development, review and OOA&D for in-house projects.
Member of company technical management team.
Contributions to the Mentor OO methodology development.
Training course preparation and presentation.
Pre-sales support for new business development.
Personnel interviews for internal and client recruitment.
The project work and clients through OOPL included:
Hewlett Packard: Video Products Division CA (2 months)
Architecture, design and process planning of CORBA services and interfaces for HPs
Video on Demand (VoD)
BHP Information Technology (4 Months)
Consulting work for analysis and design phase of steel grade standards management system and manufacturing control systems. Design work was based on a C++/CORBA based infrastructure developed by OOPL.
Development work on the infrastructure event scheduling components.
Telecom Intelligent Network Development (24 Months)
Analysis, design and development of Telecommunications Services Application Framework (TSAF) which is an object oriented C++ framework for the development of Intelligent Network telephony services (eg.
Telecard, HomeLink, Personal Number, etc.). Duties included:
Architect and design of Major upgrade to TSAF.
Team leader of infrastructure group.
Design and implementation of version 1 of a C++ Distributed Infrastructure (CDI) for asynchronous object communications. The infrastructure handled configuration, event scheduling, TLI/TCP/pipe
communications, object transport, logging, alarms, managed objects and fault tolerant process management. The infrastructure ran on Sun, Tandem and SCO Unix's.
Design and development of version 2 of the CDI. Added synchronous communications, dynamic reconfiguration, multi site support and many incremental enhancements.
Team leader of the signaling group.
Design and implementation of a call model implementing ATUP level4 of the CCITT No7 signaling protocol.
Enhancements, debugging and integration CCITT No7 level 3 module.
Tuning and optimizations for high call rates, gradual degradation and fail over handling for 24x7 signaling operation.
Preparation of multi-service signaling specifications.
: Customer Network Management (1 Month)
Analysis and design of an object oriented infrastructure to support the manipulation and display of dynamic managed object via CMIP over HP OpenView. Prepared Booch class/object diagrams for XOM/XMP and
meta data framework.
Hewlett Packard: Merlin ATM protocol analyzer. (2 Months)
Project review and infrastructure design for a multi-protocol ATM analyzer developed on custom hardware using VxWorks.
System architecture and design for flight simulator kernel for implementation by the Singapore defense services
System architecture and design for gaming machine monitoring application.
Authoring of HTML pages and setup of HTTP server for internal office information.
Highland Logic
May 1991 - Nov 1992, Nov 1989 - May 1990
Software contractor (Nov 1989 - May 1990; May 1991 - Oct 1991) and employed as the Software Manager (Nov 1991-) for the software and system development of a fault tolerant Unix network server. Responsibilities
Contributions to the formation of the project definition and requirements.
Contributions and review of the company Business Plan.
Analysis and specification of the projects software requirements and high level design.
Market and competition analysis and review.
Presentations to, and negotiation with investors, potential licensees and technological contributor.
Recruitment and management of the 4 man software team.
Review of hardware specification and design.
Beta testing of the Solaris 2.0 operating system for Sun workstations.
Development of a fault management tool under XView.
Development of skeleton Unix & VxWorks drivers for the system.
Plessey Siemens.
June 1991 - June 1992 April 1990 - May 1990
Contractor for the enhancement of the project RAVEN Frequency Management Facility (see Plessey Pacific Defense systems below). Tasks included:
Enhancement and maintenance of the Fill Distribution Terminal, resulting from the Kangaroo90 field trials.
High level analysis, design and recommendations for a second generation frequency management terminal based on Object Oriented design principles.
Evaluation and trial of several Object Oriented databases for Unix and MS-DOS.
Development of a set of configuration control and release scripts.
June 1990 - May 1991
Overseas Telecommunication Commission
Oct 1988 - Oct 1989
Contracted to the OTC R&D department for software and systems development in their intelligent and broadband network sections:
Technical team leader for the development of a Fault Tolerant Communications Processor (FTCP) to handle layered protocols (specifically CCITT No7 signalling). The 4 member team designed a shared memory
multi processor and wrote simulation software for the transaction security, and cache coherency mechanism.
Supervision and review of external contract for the hardware design of the FTCP.
Supervision, review and participation of an external contract, with the University of Queensland for the formal specification of the FTCP in the Object Z language. Co-authored a paper submitted to the IEEE for the
specification and verification of a cache coherency mechanism.
Beta testing for C++ release 2.0 and proof reading "C++ Annotated Reference".
Design and development of control software for a ATM video codec. Software was written in C++ for a 68020 running the VxWorks real-time kernel.
Specification and high level design of ATM (fast packet switch network) interface and 802.6 PAD VME card system.
Global Tracking Systems.
Jan 1988 - July 1988
Software Engineer developing a vehicle tracking system for urban environments using spread spectrum technology. The software was development using a network of Sun workstations and VME systems using the VxWorks
real time operating system. The Mascot design methodology and C++ 1.0 language were used for the majority of the work.
Software developed and duties included:
Participation in the system specification and high level design.
Rapid prototyping of a demonstration mapping terminal for the prototype tracking system.
Implementation of portable C++ I/O library for Unix and VxWorks.
Implementation of software configuration control and build system in UNIX shell script.
Design and implementation of modules for the user application computer using Mascot Machine, IPC primitives.
System management of SUN workstations, networked PCs, ethernet LAN, VxWorks Hosts and ACSnet connection.
Underwater Lighting Systems.
Part Time 1988 - 1990
Formed a partnership for the design, manufacture and sale of small quantities of specialized underwater video equipment. Responsible for mechanical and electrical design, and the organization of manufacture. The partnership
was also involved with underwater video work for the commercial TV networks and promotional videos.
Plessey Pacific Defense Systems.
Dec 1986 - Jan 1988
Software Engineer on the project RAVEN Frequency Management Facility for the Australian Army's tactical communications system. Duties included:
Conception, design and implementation of a frequency assignment algorithm for deployments of HF and VHF radios operating in skywave, fixed frequency and hopping modes. The simulated annealing algorithm was
used to find near optimum, pseudo-random frequency assignments.
Implementation of Bisync communication protocol for a VMS VAX and a MS-DOS system.
Development of communication applications for CPM and MSDOS microcomputers.
Feasibility study for modifications to the Bara Sonar Buoy system.
The Microcomputer House.
Part time 1983 - 1985
Casual programmer working on Commodore business and games software. Duties included design and development of new products as well as enhancement and maintenance of existing products. Software developed included:
Debtors, Creditors, Stock system for Commodore 64
Booking management system for Caravan parks and similar establishments.
Copy protection mechanism for Commodore software.
Stock and Bill of materials for integration with optimum bar steel cutting algorithm.
Prototype Basket Ball game for commodore 64.
University of Sydney.
Part time 1986, 1988, 1989
Tutoring and Marking for Computer Science 1st and 2nd year courses.
Sydney Technical College.
Part time 1985
Casual terminal room supervision, providing tutorial support to students programming in Cobol and VMS.
Tertiary Education 1983 - 1986
Bachelor of Science, 1st Class honors, Sydney University. Two years of study in Electrical Engineering before transferring to the Science faculty to complete and Honors degree in Computer Science.
Courses and Results: Computer Science IV (honors year) First Class Honors, Computer Science I,II,III Dist., Dist, Dist., Pure Maths II,III (honors stream) Dist, Cred., Maths I (honors stream) Dist., Physics I,II (honors
stream) Cred, Cred., Chemistry I Cred., Intro. Electrical Engineering Cred., Electric Circuit Theory Pass., Machine Drawing & Desc. Geometry Pass.
Honors Year: The Honors year comprised 50% course work and 50% project work. The project, supervised by Dr. Allan Bromley, developed a prototype vehicle navigation system for the urban environment. This included
the design and construction of a data logging microcomputer which was installed in the steering and odometer linkage of a VW beetle car. The inaccurate data thus collected was later corrected by correlating the vehicles
position on a digitized road map. A commonwealth post graduate scholarship was awarded but not taken up.
Higher School Certificate 1981 - 1982
Hawker College (ACT): Double major in Mathematics; majors in Physics, Chemistry and English.
Tertiary Entrance Score: 366 (from 360 open ended scale) Percentile Ranking: 99.68
Boroughs Maths Competition: Dist(1978-81), Prize(1980)
National Chemistry Competition: Dist(1981).

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