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Layers Magazine - IDCS 2beats QXP 7
Get to your linked items quickly
Every time you place a graphic, Word document or Excel spreadsheet into your
InDesign document, InDesign creates a link to the original file wherever it is on
your hard drive. You can get to those linked items quickly and easily using the
Links palette.
Step One: Place some items on your page using the Place command or Drag
and Drop.
Step Two: Select one of the placed items on the page with the Selection Tool
and bring up the Links palette.
Step Three: Using the Links palette flyout menu choose Reveal in Finder (PC:
Reveal in Explorer). The folder containing the linked item will open and you will
see the item you're looking for and any other items in that folder.
Create Glowing Effects using the Drop Shadow Feature
InDesign's Drop Shadows are pretty neat in that you can apply them directly
in InDesign without having to use Photoshop or Illustrator.
One way that I like to use the Drop Shadow feature is to use
it to create glows around my type. This can be a cool little
subtle effect that doesn't necessarily look like a Drop Shadow
because there is no offset.
Step One: Select your text frame as an object with the Selec-
tion Tool.
Step Two: Choose Drop Shadow from the Object Menu and
make sure that Preview is enabled.
Step Three: Set the offset to Zero. Change the color to yellow
(or the color of your choice and then increase the Spread until
you achieve the desired Glowing effect. Click OK when you're
Transform Again
This is one of those, "why wasn't this feature put in sooner" fea-
tures. Transform again is something that Adobe Illustrator has
had for a while now. Now you have that same cool feature in In-
Design CS2. If you move, rotate, scale something and you want
to repeat those transformations on the same object or different
objects, you now can do it with ease with Transform Again.
Step One: Select an object on your page.
Step Two: Do one or more transformations to it such as moving
it, scaling it rotating it, etc.
Step Three: Now select another object or multiple objects and
choose Transform Again from the Object Menu

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