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City Care - Performance report 2006 (Page 26)

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City Care - Performance report 2006
social impacts
e C O n O m i C C O n t r i B u t i O n
City Care is a large employer in New Zealand terms. At the
end of the year we had 731 permanent staff, 58 fixed term,
part-time or casual staff, and 34 pre-apprentices on our
payroll. With the inclusion of payments to agencies for
temporary staff, City Care paid $30.505 million in wages
to staff this year. This represents an increase of $4 million
on the previous year.
City Care also paid tax (PAYE, GST, FBT and company) of
$14.59 million to central government. The company received
government subsidies from Work and Income in the form of
support for long-term unemployed youth employed on our
pre-apprentice programme. Support provided is less than
20% of the cost of this initiative.
City Care recognises the importance to our business of our
relationships with our suppliers and the company has a
policy of paying suppliers within agreed payment terms.
We are not aware of any suppliers that rely on City Care for
the majority of their business, with the exception of three
consultant software developers with whom we have close
working relationships.
CoachCorp Programme Creates a Spark at City Care
An initiative run by SPARC (Sport
and Recreation New Zealand) is seeing
four City Care employees involved in
coaching youth sports teams during work
hours. The CoachCorp programme is a
sport volunteer recruitment programme
that gives employees the opportunity to
coach, manage and officiate in community
sport. The programme creates sustainable
relationships between business and
community sport, and maximizes sports
performance and participation.
SPARC created CoachCorp in response
to a shortage of volunteers in community
sport. Because of the hours that junior
coaching requires ­ usually 3pm until 5pm
on a weekday ­ many people are unable
to help out due to work commitments. The
programme encourages employers within
the community to allow employees to
take time out of their work schedules to
assist in coaching children's sports teams
over the sporting season.
City Care saw great benefit in the
CoachCorp programme and advertised
for interest from staff. Several City Care
employees indicated a willingness to be a
part of the programme. They each spend
two hours per week (fully waged) away
from work coaching their nominated
sports teams for the duration of the season.
They also receive coaching development
support from the sport code and a free
coaching jacket and satchel from Sport
Kerry Sinclair is a Management
Accountant at City Care's Milton Street
Branch and coaches the Woolston
Primary School Netball Team. Kerry
really enjoys sports and teaching ­ and
she was keen to take up the opportunity
that City Care provided to be involved in
the programme. Kerry spends a couple of
hours each Thursday afternoon coaching
and teaching the rules of netball to quite a
large number of keen participants who are
all new to the game. While not actively
competing this year in a regular school
competition, the team was able to test
their new skills out at a zone tournament
in August and they are looking forward
to being involved in regular competition
in the near future. Kerry believes that
CoachCorp is a worthwhile programme
and helps to encourage children to be
physically active.
Greg Kirk is a Driveway Construction
Foreman for City Care and also coaches
his son's Burwood Soccer Under 14 Team,
thanks to the CoachCorp programme. He
spends a couple of hours each Wednesday
afternoon coaching the team, as well as
committing three hours of his own time
on Saturday mornings for games. Greg
really appreciates City Care providing
him with the opportunity to spend paid
time away from work to be involved
in coaching for the benefit of the
Burwood team.
City Care will be continuing to offer
staff the opportunity to be involved in the
SPARC programme as part of an ongoing
community initiative. For further details
on the programme, visit http://www.sparc.
Figure S: Wages Paid

Figure T: Total Tax paid (PAYE, GST, company)


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