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Family Camping Gear - Family Camping Tips
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9. Camp Cooking

Prevent animals from getting into your food. Consider placing the food in your vehicle, or
hanging it in a tree (12 feet high, 4 feet from tree trunk).
Always bring extra matches.
Plan a simple and filling menu.
Write down the menu for all meals for your trip. This helps you pack all the ingredients you
will need without forgetting a key ingredient.
Measure and combine dry ingredients in Ziploc bags prior to packing. Make sure you label
the bag for the appropriate meal.
Bring a grate to put over the fire. Not every campsite has a grill or one that will suit your
cooking needs.
If possible, purchase a separate set of dishes, silverware, dishpan, washrag, towels, and
soap, just for your camping trips. Store them in a plastic container that can be pulled out
and ready to go for each trip.
Purchase a quality camp stove. Propane stoves are very easy to use, while white gas stoves
produce more heat.
Meals that can be cooked at home ahead of time, and travel well in a cooler, will save a lot
of time especially on the first night of your trip. Precooked meats will last longer in the
cooler than raw meats.
Save your plastic 35mm film containers. They are great for keeping moisture away from
your matches. Special caps can be purchased which turn the containers into compact salt
and pepper shakers.
Bring small amounts of cooking condiments instead of large quantities. It will save quite a
bit of packing space.
Carry instant or dried soups to serve with meals on cold or rainy days.
Use block ice in your cooler. It lasts much longer than cubes.
Make your cookout a family activity. Bring along food that the whole family can participate
in cooking like hotdogs on a sharpened stick or even potatoes that the kids can help peel.
And don't forget marshmallows and "s'mores."
Do not attract animals to your campsite by leaving food out. Keep your campsite clean and
free of food smells by disposing of all food wastes in the park trash receptacles. Lock all
opened food in plastic containers or in your car. You'll sleep more soundly if you know
everything is safely out of animals' reach.

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