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Family Camping Gear - Family Camping Tips
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cool weather, warm water vapor inside the tent, from damp fresh air and moist air you
exhale, will condense on the cooler surface of the tent's exterior. The only way to prevent
this from getting the occupants (you) wet is to allow the excess water vapor to escape from
the tent by passing through the mesh fabric.

The tent's size may also be a consideration if you plan to camp in cool weather. Your body
heat will keep a small tent much warmer that outside. However, some campers will use a
tent heater in their large tent. Heaters are not safe in small tents due the closeness of the
tent walls, and ventilation is necessary to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

In general, the higher priced tents are made with stronger fabric, stronger poles, and
stronger stitching. They will withstand higher winds and heavier rain. They will last
longer. A good tent can last for many years.

However, not everyone needs this strength and durability. The more mild and dry the
climate, and the closer to home you camp ("just in case"), the more likely that the least
expensive tents will be very good bargains for you.

If you are just starting out in your family camping adventures, and don't know if you will
really like camping, then you might want to stick with the least expensive tents. Many
families do. It is very likely that you will try your first trips when the weather is warm and
dry, and will probably keep close to "civilization" until you gain some experience and
decide whether you like camping or not. You can always upgrade to a better tent later, and
keep your original budget tent for when conditions allow.

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